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It’s one of the most exciting times of the year: swapping our closet for a new season. It’s almost like we’re seeing everything for the first time all over again—except it's a total letdown when it's just a huge rumpled mess from not properly storing it the year prior. Wouldn’t it be so nice to take everything out, free of dust, lint and—God forbid—moth holes? Yes, honey. Here are seven under-bed storage solutions that keep your pieces in tip-top shape for the long haul. 

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Bed Bath and Beyond

Crystal Clear Vinyl Medium Chests (Set of 2)

This affordable, soft set allows for ample stuffing, which makes it perfect for over-packers.

Buy It ($10)

Bed Bath and Beyond

IRIS LOFT Underbed Stacking Drawer in Clear Grey

Rather than your typical zip- or lift-off lid, this clear unit has a sliding clear drawer that makes it easy to grab pieces when the weather inevitably boomerangs from hot to cold (and back again).

Buy It ($30)

Bed Bath and Beyond

Real Simple Garment Storage Underbed Shoe Bag

We may have gone a little overboard with buying sandals this summer, so this shoe storage bag is just the thing we need to keep every pair together until next year.

Buy It ($20)


Neatfreak Storage Bag

This sleek storage bag is almost four feet long, making it the perfect size to store dresses flat, without folding or creasing them.

Buy It ($24)


Whitmor Rolling White Wire Underbed Cart

This open rolling cart will fit all the beach towels you own. Out of sight, out of mind, but still close by when you need them.

Buy It ($22)


Addie Rose Home Under Bed Storage Bag

Life goal: Fold all our clothing in Kon-Mari bundles before storing it for the easiest unpacking come next year. This sturdy storage solution is split into five compartments that make it a breeze to organize everything from T-shirts to jeans in neat little packages. Dreams do come true.

Buy It ($22)

Bed Bath and Beyond

Ziploc Space Bag Under Bed Storage

OK, remember when we said we went a little ham on the shoe purchases? We actually went nuts on everything. Needless to say this space-saving bag is about to become our new best friend. Thanks to the vacuum seal internal bag, it can hold up to one bedding set, two pillows and five to seven sweaters or jackets. So in terms of summer clothing, that’s a lot.

Buy It ($35)

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