The Ultimate College Shopping List, According to Current Students & And 2 RA’s

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Whether you've got an incoming freshman or returning student, it's time for back-to-school shopping for the collegiate set. And as everyone over the age of 25 knows, it’s a process that will go much more smoothly with a list. Here, we pulled together the ultimate college shopping list, regardless of where the kid in question is in their higher education trajectory.

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college shopping list bedding

1. Twin XL Bedding

Product We Love: AmazonBasics 5-Piece Bed-in-a-Bag Bedding Set

If she’s going to be moving into a dorm, twin XL bedding is a must. This set from AmazonBasics means you can stock up on sheets, a comforter, a sham and a pillowcase in one fell swoop. And when she wants to change up her decor next semester, you won’t be too upset, since the whole set costs just $40.

college shopping list bed topper

2. Mattress Topper

Product We Love: Bedsure Twin XL Mattress Topper

“Most of my friends had a foam mattress topper that totally flattened after the first month of school. I’m happy my mom opted for a down alternative because it kept me comfy and didn’t need to be replaced for two whole years,” says recent college grad Kayleigh H. We like the fact that this Bedsure topper secures to the mattress with deep pockets that fit up to 18-inch mattresses, so it won’t slip and slide under their sheets.

college shopping list containers

3. Storage Bins

Product We Love: Rubbermaid Cleverstore Clear 71-Quart Storage Containers, Pack of 4

Most college students aren’t minimalists, so it’s a good idea to send them off to school with some organizational tools that will keep their room looking neat. Like storage bins that fit under their bed, where they can keep off-season clothes, last semester’s books and other miscellaneous items. Plus, these Rubbermaid bins are super-sturdy.

college shopping list towels

4. Towels

Product We Love: Madison Park 8-Piece Towel Set

Plush towels are a luxury that even an 18-year-old can appreciate, so they’re one college shopping list staple that’s actually worth splurging on. This set includes two bath towels, two hand towels and four wash cloths. And don’t forget to remind them to launder their towels regularly.

college shopping list lap desk

5. A Lap Desk

Product We Love: Wishacc Oversized Lap Desk

No matter how many times you tell him it’s easier to be productive at the library, he’s inevitably going to do homework in bed at some point during the semester. That’s where a lap desk comes in handy. The bottom of this one is cushioned, so he’ll stay comfortable while he works, and a strap gives him something to hold down papers or pens.

college shopping list 7

6. A Laundry Basket

Product We Love: United Solutions Rolling Hamper

A laundry basket with wheels is the gift that keeps on giving. You know they’re going to let their dirty clothes pile up until they absolutely have to do laundry, so being able to roll their load around will make the trip to the laundry room much easier when it’s finally time.

college shopping list 7 2

7. A Drying Rack

Product We Love: Polder 2-Tier Mesh-Top Clothes Drying Rack

“The dorm dryers totally wrecked my clothes freshman year,” says Caitlin G, a rising senior. That’s why she recommends investing in a drying rack for delicate items that don’t do well with high heat (like Lululemon leggings). This one from the Polder is made from rust-proof steel and has durable rubber feet, so it’ll last longer than those flimsy budget options.

college shopping list 8

8. A Power Strip

Product We Love: GE 6 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

College dorms are notorious for having terrible outlet placement, so power strips are always a good idea, says Kerry S., a recent college grad and former RA. Just make sure your kid’s school allows them first (some don’t because of fire safety concerns).

college shopping list 9

9. An Extra Long Phone Charger

Product We Love: Anker iPhone 10-Foot Charger Cable

Speaking of those poorly placed outlets, many kids invest in an extra-long phone charger for their dorm room. You know, so they can scroll through TikTok for a few hours before dozing off.

college shopping list 10

10. A Shower Caddy

Product We Love: Haundry Mesh Shower Caddy Tote

If she owns approximately 20 different shampoos, hair masks, conditioners, body washes and shaving creams, this shower caddy is the way to go. It has eight large pockets to store all of her essentials. Just remind her to store it in her room, since her pricey lavender shampoo might mysteriously disappear if she leaves it on the counter. Ah, the joys of communal living.

college shopping list shower slides

11. Shower Slides

Product We Love: Aoowall Men's Shower Shoes

Shared bathroom showers aren’t known for being the cleanest, so he’s definitely going to want a pair of shower shoes. This pair of plastic slides from Amazon has hole in the bottom for drainage, as well as anti-skid bumps on the sole.

college shopping list 12

12. Wall Hooks

Product We Love: Command Wire Hooks (Pack of 16)

Whether she wants to hang string lights, a framed picture of her and her high school friends or just create a spot on the wall for her wet towel, she’s going to need some wall hooks. These ones from Command come with strong adhesive strips that make them easy to install (and take down in May).

college shopping list 13

13. Bed Risers

Product We Love: Utopia Bedding Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers

“Bed risers are something that most parents totally overlook at first,” says John M, a recent grad and former RA. “A lot of people end up making an extra trip to Target or ordering them online once they realize how small their room is.” Bed risers allow for extra storage space underneath the bed, which most kids end up needing unless they luck out with a spacious room assignment (if those even exist?). This adjustable set can be three, five, or eight inches high.

college shopping list 14

14. A Coffee Maker

Product We Love: Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Unless you want them to waste all of their dining card money at the campus coffee shop, send them off to school with a Keurig. This mini version is only $80 and will ensure that they can get their caffeine fix without having to make the trek to the dining hall. And while you’re at it, pick up a few boxes of K-Cups too.

college shopping list weighted blanket

15. A Weighted Blanket

Product We Love: Degrees of Comfort Cooling Weighted Blanket

A lot of college students struggle with anxiety, and weighted blankets have been shown to help by providing a comforting sensation that eases the nervous system. This design includes two covers, a fuzzy one for winter and a cooler one for warmer seasons. He’ll want to wrap up in, even when he’s not feeling particularly high-strung about his upcoming exams.

college shopping list 16

16. A Game

Product We Love: What Do You Meme? Party Game

Former RA Kerry S. also recommends adding a fun game to your college shopping list. “They’re great for a night in, and it’s an easy ice breaker to invite people over to play a game if your kid is trying to get to know their hallmates,” she says. FYI, What Do You Meme? is a classic for the Gen Z crowd.

college shopping list 17
Bed Bath and Beyond

17. A Mini Fridge

Product We Love: Whirlpool 3.1 Cubic Feet Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Some colleges allow you to rent a mini fridge, but it’s usually a rip off. If you invest in a quality model like this one, which even has a full-width freezer, he can use it for all four years of school. If you want him to have the dorm room feel at home it’s also a worthy purchase—he’ll get a kick out of being able to reach over and grab a drink without having to go down to the kitchen.

college shopping list blazer

18. A Nice Blazer

Product We Love: Cicy Bell Women's Casual Blazer

You might feel silly sending her off to school already prepped with an outfit for her first interview, but recent grad Izzy C. says she’ll need one before you know it. “I wish my mom and I had shopped for a good blazer before I left for school. I ended up needing one when I interviewed for an internship that spring and I had to scramble to find an outfit at the last minute,” she explains. This classic style from Amazon can be thrown over a dress or button-up and black jeans for a polished look.

college shopping list desk chair

19. A Supportive Chair

Product We Love: Wayfair Basics Mesh Task Chair

This adjustable ergonomic chair fits into even a small space and comes in 15 colorways, which makes it a decor item as much as a siren's call to study.

college shopping list neon

20. A Touch of Neon

Product We Love: Smiley Neon Sign

It's the trendy decor note for dorm rooms right now, and this 9.5-inch square wall-mounted symbol is just the thing to prop up your little soldier when the going (and grades) get tough. It comes with a 6-foot USB power cable, so there's no fancy installation required.

college shopping list tool skit

21. A Tool Kit

Product We Love: Dormify Marketplace Character Mini Tool Set

They're going to be displaying all kinds of things on their walls and measuring possible Ikea additions to their mini-palace. So give them this canvas carryall that contains a hammer, tape measure, screwdriver, small adjustable wrench and slip joint pliers, and be glad that, for once, it's not your walls that they are pounding holes into.

college shopping list charging bedside table

22. A Charging Table

Product We Love: Daisy Charging Side Table

This tiny footprint beside their bed not only holds whatever miscellaneous items they're into, it has an outlet with two ports to charge their devices. So, there's never an excuse for them to say they're sorry but their phone died.

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