If there’s one thing we learned from freshman move-in day, it’s that no amount of space planning in the world could have prepared us for the squeezing and maneuvering we had to endure. However, there’s one space-saving hack that every college dorm room needs: bed risers. And after culling countless reviews, we compiled a list of the best bed risers to accommodate just how tall you want to make your bed, how much weight they can support and overall aesthetic. Below, find nine of the best bed risers on Amazon that’ll make move-in day just a tad less stressful.

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1. Utopia Bedding Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers

Best Overall

For the freshman who refuses to leave anything behind, these adjustable plastic risers are a necessity. The set comes with four risers that can be adjusted to three height options: 3 inches, 5 inches and 8 inches (when combined), and can accommodate up to 1,300 pounds. Plus, you can choose from three finishes to make sure they match your bedframe. One reviewer writes: “I love these—easy to use, and my dresser and fridge both fit under my bed because of the height of these risers.”

$30 at Amazon

2. Define Essentials Heavy Duty Multi Height Bed Risers

Best Affordable Option

If you’re looking for the same adjustable-height feature without the $30 price tag, this is your best alternative. Each set comes with four large risers and four small risers that you can stack for an extra 3inches, 5 inches or 8inches of height (when both are used together). Each riser can hold up to 500 pounds and features an 11-inch width that easily accommodates a twin-sized bed frame. “These really did the trick on my daughter’s dorm bed. Lifted it up enough for lots of storage. The bed doesn't move around at all, and she claims they are perfect,” writes one reviewer.

$20 at Amazon

3. Bee Neat Heavy Duty Bed Risers with USB & Electrical Outlets

Best Multifunctional Risers

Equipped with two fast-charging USB ports and two electrical outlets, this set is the *ultimate* study buddy for when you’re doing homework in bed. We love how it features a 7.25-inch height for stackable storage and a 6-foot power cord that makes it easy to reach any outlet in your dorm room. Oh, and it conceals ugly wires and keeps everything hidden under the bed. “I was pleasantly surprised as the heavy-duty electric cord attached to the riser with outlets, and my son loves the USB ports. If I lean across the bed, it does tilt slightly, as can be expected with any supports this tall. I give it five stars for its quality and quick delivery,” writes one reviewer.

$39 at Amazon

4. Richards Homewares Wooden Stacking Risers

Best Wooden Risers

If the idea of aesthetic-ruining bed risers gives you hives, we feel you. That’s why we love these wood-stained, 2.75-inch wide risers. The set includes four risers that can raise your bed an additional 3.5 inches, and you can stack another set on top for 7 inches of under-bed storage. However, our favorite thing about this set is that you can choose from an espresso, mahogany or honey wood-stained finish to give your bed a more curated look. “These are so much better and more attractive than the standard plastic ones that make you feel like you're living in a dorm. I have large under-bed storage containers that didn't fit under our bed frame due to carpeting in the bedroom, so these risers were the perfect lift to get those containers under the bed with plenty of room,” one reviewer raves.

$27 at Amazon

5. Slipstick Clear Heavy Duty Raisers

Best ‘Barely There’ Risers

Sticking with the theme of dorm room aesthetics, this set of 1-inch plastic risers is the closest you can get to having no risers at all. Not only is its clear design subtle and understated, but each one features a rubber O-ring bottom to grip the floor without scratching it. The set comes with eight risers that can be doubled for a 2-inch height that can accommodate low-profile storage bins. One reviewer says, “These are so sturdy and durable and look so high end!”

$24 at Amazon

6. BTSD-home Adjustable Bed Lifts for All Wheels

Best Risers for Caster Wheels

Something the other bed risers have forgotten is how common caster wheels can be on dorm beds. That said, this set of risers has you covered with a grooved design that’s made for caster wheels to sink into without sliding. Each riser has a 3-inch height with a stackable design that can raise your bed a total of 6 inches. “I love the indentation on the riser. It…doesn't allow for any wobbling or movement, which I had an issue with my last risers, because they just had a round, flat surface,” one reviewer writes, adding: “They look great under the bed skirt. It actually looks like furniture legs.”

$18 at Amazon

7. BTSD-home 3 or 6 Inch Heavy Duty Stackable Risers

Best Stackable Risers

Featuring a sturdy, anti-slip plastic material, these babies are the *ultimate* stackable bed risers. While the set only comes with four 3-inch-high risers, you can stack these to 6-inch, 9-inch or even 12-inch height (just make sure you won’t topple over in your sleep). They’re made to handle heavy-duty furniture weighing up to 2,200 pounds, and reviewers rave about this set’s durability. “These are super sturdy. I bought two more sets in white. They are the best risers I have ever purchased,” one says.

$18 at Amazon

8. Utopia Bedding Pack of 8 Furniture and Bed Risers

Best Low Profile Risers

If you only need to store a few bins under your bed, these 2-inch risers are perfect for giving your bed a little lift (and congrats, you’ve mastered the art of “not overpacking”). We love how this set has anti-slip foam pads at the top and anti-slip rubber pads for the bottom for a truly sturdy design that can hold up to 10,000 pounds. Plus, it features a stackable design, so if you ever find yourself cramming for space, you can stack another set on top for a whole world of hidden storage. One reviewer writes, “Just what I needed to raise up the height of my cheapie futon, so people can get out of it without needing assistance! I used two risers stacked together for each leg, which raised the height up 4 inches. Perfect!”

$20 at Amazon

9. iPrimio Aluminum Bed Riser with 5 Inch Lift

Best Durable Risers

These risers are made from heavy-duty aluminum and are about as durable as you can get (without placing a cinderblock under your bed). Each set comes in at a 5.5-inch height with four risers that are guaranteed not to bend or break. They can easily hold up to 36,000 pounds, according to the brand. “These are the best risers. I used these to loft my daughter’s dorm bed which weighs a ton,” one reviewer says. “They are very secure and don’t budge an inch. Super happy with this purchase.”

$35 at Amazon

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