The 7 Best Travel Coffee Mugs, According to Real Caffeine Addicts

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You heat your water exactly to 205°F. You delicately pour it over your single-origin Bolivian blend and add a dash of steamed macadamia milk. The only thing that could possibly ruin your morning ritual is that your beloved coffee is lukewarm by the time you get to work. No more. We asked the experts—two coffee shop owners, a director of coffee education, a professional coffee taster and, of course, an avid home-brewed coffee connoisseur—to share their favorite travel coffee mugs. Here are the seven they handpicked to keep your joe piping hot (or cold).

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best travel coffee mugs miir 1

1. miir Insulated Travel Tumbler

Best for: Taking long distances

“This is my absolute favorite thermal mug. It’s super sleek and, more important, leakproof. It iseasy to clean and comes with a lifetime warranty. Plus, every MiiR product sold helps fund trackable giving projects focused on clean water, sustainability and community outreach,” says Allie Caran, director of education at Partners Coffee.

best travel coffee mugs fellow

2. fellow Carter Everywhere Mug

Best for: Sensitive taste buds

Erika Vonie, an independent coffee consultant and certified Q Arabica grader (meaning she’s trained to grade and score coffees based on the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s standards), is a fan of this vacuum-insulated mug from Fellow. “I love how easily drinkable the coffee is from its wide mouth and thin lip. The ceramic interior also doesn’t hold on to old coffee sediment, and it keeps your coffee hot throughout your entire commute!” she raves.

best travel coffee mugs kinto

3. kinto Travel Tumbler

Best for: Iced coffee

This unique design is Caran’s favorite for cold drinks (always caffeinated, duh). “The sloped cap prevents ice from falling out, and its double-insulated stainless steel keeps beverages exceptionally hot or cold. It comes in a variety of beautiful saturated colors with a design that stands out in a crowd,” she says.

best travel coffee mugs miir 2

4. miir Insulated Tumbler With Press-on Lid

Best for: Constant coffee drinkers

“Over the past 20 years I have tested and sold more tumblers than I can remember,” says Ken Nye, owner of Ninth Street Espresso. “My current favorite is the Tumbler series from MiiR. It feels great in hand, the lid is comfortable to sip from and it does the best job of replacing a traditional paper cup, which is a major goal for us. I carry the eight-ounce with me wherever I go.”

best coffee travel mugs zoji

5. zojirushi Sm-khe48ag Stainless Steel Mug

Best for: Sipping on the go

PureWow’s senior podcast producer and resident coffee expert, Matt Bogart, declares this travel mug his all-time favorite. “The sleek design is easy to handle, and it’s cool to the touch on the outside while keeping your drink warm on the inside. The spout feels great on your lips and allows you to test the heat so you don’t burn your tongue.”

best travel coffee mugs klean

6. klean Kanteen Wide Double-wall Vacuum-insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

Best for: Heat seekers

Prefer your coffee hot (like, really hot)? Then according to Bogart, you need this vessel. “This is for the person who wants to enjoy their coffee piping hot. Like, seriously, this is for people who only drink their coffee super, painfully hot.” Noted.

best travel coffee mug miir 3

7. miir Insulated Camp Cup

Best for: Slow drinkers

Clearly, MiiR is our coffee experts’ favorite brand. “I received the MiiR Camp Cup as a gift, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It’s super lightweight with a sleek, minimal design. The cap is ideal for taking it on the road, but even if I’m making coffee at home, I love to drink it in my MiiR cup because it keeps my coffee hot for hours,” raves Sahra Nguyen, founder and CEO of Nguyen Coffee Supply, a Brooklyn-based Vietnamese coffee roastery.

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