18 Modern Accent Chairs That Will Instantly Elevate Your Living Space

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Long gone are the days when a chair was merely somewhere to park your rear end. It's 2022, and this classic piece of furniture has gone multifunctional, marrying utility with fun, contemporary shapes that will zhuzh up your space in a big way. Meet: the best modern accent chairs. These gorgeous pieces not only serve as comfy seating, they double as décor, making them a major investment piece.

How to Pick an Accent Chair

Since you'll likely be sitting in your accent chair for years to come, the one you choose should be durable enough to withstand heavy use. You'll want to look for options with sturdy frames, legs or bases (wood and metal are great options). To keep things simple and straightforward, we’ve broken down several other things to consider before buying your modern accent chair below.

  • Style: A tufted velvet accent chair may not be your vibe if you gravitate toward clean lines and minimalist- or industrial-inspired pieces. Not sure where to start? Take our handy home décor quiz to help take the guesswork out of things and narrow down your desired aesthetic.
  • Size: Thought it may seem obvious, it's important to consider how much space you actually have to play with before pressing that “buy now” button. Trust us when we say that a big, clunky accent chair will look out of place in a small space, no matter how good it looks online. Instead, you'd do well to opt for an armless option or a barrel-shaped design, which are typically compact enough to easily to fit in a corner. (I type this while sitting on my own purple-colored barrel chair, which is tucked near the window of the one-bedroom apartment I share with my husband.) On the other hand, a large, high-backed chair will help to fill out an oversized room. Be realistic about what you need.
  • Comfort: Since it is, first and foremost, a seat, your accent chair should be every bit as comfortable as it is stylish. Those who prefer firm seats over soft ones should steer clear of pieces with pillowy, padded cushions. Alternately, if a plush, fluffy spot to relax is your jam, it's best to avoid accent chairs without much stuffing.
  • Color: Before you start shopping for an accent chair, think about the color scheme of your room. Depending on which shade you choose, you can create a new focal point for the space. Alternately, something with less of a contrast may help to give you a more pulled-together living area.
  • Fabric: The fabric of an accent chair is another critical factor to take into account. While leather, microfiber and canvas will be your most durable options, each has its own pros and cons. Leather can cost you some serious coin, for instance, while microfiber requires a bit more care. Canvas, meanwhile, will last you a while, but has larger fibers, which make it slightly less cushy and comfortable. A chair's fabric can also have a big impact on your aesthetic. If your space is breezy, beachy and airy, a rich, velvet seat may not be the best choice to fill it with, while a woven leather or rattan option can help to complete the look.
  • Budget: Believe it or not, there’s no need for you to shell out $1,000-plus on an accent chair when your price limit is $500 (or even $300). In fact, you can find excellent, high-quality accent chair options for as low as $100. Don't believe us? Keep scrolling for the best modern accent chairs to enhance your living space.

The Best Modern Accent Chairs at a Glance

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modern accent chairs christopher knight home

1. Christopher Knight Home Mcdonough Accent Chair

Best Modern Glam Accent Chair

If you're going for glam, it doesn't get much better than this beautiful emerald green velvet number with tufted detailing. The distinct, U-shaped base adds contemporary flair with its clean lines and minimalist-inspired design. Better yet, since the gold-painted legs are made of iron, it will be nice and sturdy, too.

modern accent chairs sauder

2. Sauder Cottage Road Accent Chair

Best Modern Rocking Accent Chair

Rocking chairs are often associated with old school whimsy. For an elevated pick that brings the staple into the 21st century, spring for this Sauder Cottage Road design. The faux leather cushioned seat lends an industrial-inspired edge to its otherwise rustic wooden touches for a modern, mixed media look. It does have a lighter weight limit, however (150 pounds), so it may not be the ideal pick if you've got a larger frame.

modern accent chairs mercury row1

3. Mercury Row Blakeley Accent Chair And Ottoman

Best Modern Accent Chair With Ottoman

This all-white modern accent chair comes with a chic matching ottoman for next-level comfort. (Go ahead and put your feet up—you’ve earned it.) The steel frame offers sturdiness, while the foam padding provides plenty of cushy support.

modern accent chairs artechworks

4. Artechworks Velvet Modern Accent Chair

Best Modern Velvet Accent Chair

Got a smaller space? Check out this compact velvet modern accent chair from Artechworks. With its stylish silhouette and plush velvet fabric, it practically screams of elegance. It's supported by gold metal legs and a wooden frame, and the matching footrest is an incredible bonus. Select from one of five colors: emerald green, caramel, baby pink, gray or sunny yellow.

modern accent chairs zuri

5. Zuri Furniture Heidi Leather Accent Chair

Best Modern Leather Accent Chair

For a piece of furniture that’s out-of-this-world cool, consider this futuristic modern leather accent chair. The circular shape alone could double as a piece of contemporary art, and it’s constructed with genuine, ultra-soft leather that will be smooth and comfortable against the skin. Better yet, it's positioned on a swivel base that will rotate by a full 360 degrees.

modern accent chairs homefare

6. Homefare Farmhouse Accent Chair

Best Modern Farmhouse Accent Chair

Farmhouse décor is timeless, but with a few key updates, it can also be plenty current. Case in point? This ever-so-stylish studded accent chair from HomeFare. Its pastoral exposed wood frame with an oak finish is juxtaposed by the brushed nickel nailhead trim. It's also got a neutral cream hue that will blend in seamlessly with any home style.

modern accent chairs latitude run1

7. Latitude Run Stanton Drew Accent Chair

Best Extra-Wide Modern Accent Chair

Looking for a spot to catch up on your latest true crime novel? Or maybe just to take a cat nap? This modern accent chair from Latitude Run performs double (or more like triple) duty as a sleeper sofa and a chaise lounge, since it reclines by a full 180 degrees. Its wide enough for you to spread out or seat extra company, and the bold color choices will make for an eye-catching accent piece.

modern accent chairs yaheetech

8. Yaheetech Faux Leather Accent Chair

Best Modern High-Back Accent Chair

If you're tall, a short barrel chair that pokes into the center of your back won't exactly be relaxing. This faux leather option has a nice, high back that will allow you to feel fully supported whenever you lean against it. Beyond that, its waterproof and scratch-resistant, according to the manufacturer, making it it easy to care for. Did we mention it also has padded feet so as to not scratch your floors?

modern accent chairs meridian

9. Meridian Furniture Luna Accent Chair

Best Hanging Modern Accent Chair

It doesn't get much more modern than this acrylic swing chair. Though it looks dainty, its capable of holding a whopping 350 pounds inside its sphere-shaped orb, which is padded with a thick, white velvet cushion. It doesn't easily tip over, and you can make it extra cozy with added blankets or throw pillows.

modern accent chairs west elm 2
West Elm

10. West Elm Lewis Recliner

Best Modern Reclining Accent Chair

Reclining chairs are super comfy, but it can be tricky to find ones that are as fashionable as they are functional. Enter the Lewis Recliner from West Elm. This piece boasts contemporary features in the form of its slim, rounded armrests and beautiful upholstery. At the same time, it's got a push-back mechanism with three different reclining levels (upright, semi-reclined and fully reclined) that will allow you to kick back and relax to the fullest.

modern accent chairs milliard

11. Milliard Accent Chair

Best Modern Cheap Accent Chair

We're not sure what we're more impressed with: The cushy faux fur and chic golden legs of this folding chair or the affordable price tag. You can read, nap or anything in between in this baby, which holds up to 265 pounds. And when you need a little more room? Simply fold it down for storage against the wall, in a closet or even under the bed.

modern accent chairs studio mcgee

12. Threshold With Studio Mggee Vernon Accent Chair

Best Barrel Modern Accent Chair

Barrel chairs, such as this one, have distinct, semicircular-shaped backs, with the ends (or curves) of the semicircle serving as armrests. This one from Target features soft upholstery and a compressed frame that will suit a smaller apartment Its minimalist design will also match just about any décor style you've got going on in your abode.

modern accent chairs anthropologie

13. Anthropologie Stanton Chair

Best Modern Sling Accent Chair

Though this sling chair may not look as cozy as some of the fabric options on this list, it's "surprisingly comfortable"—this according to the buyers who love it. It's also made with a high-quality leather and a kiln-dried hardwood frame that won't be junky a year from now. The cushions are also removable, so you can pop them over to the cleaner's when need be.

modern accent chairs duhome

14. Duhome Velvet Accent Chair

Best Open-Back Modern Accent Chair

With a whopping 30 shades to choose from, this Duhome Modern Accent Chair is unique in that it has an open-back design. This unconventional silhouette is striking and feels far less formal than, say, a tufted option with a high back, but is covered with a velvet fabric, so you can still expect the same comfort and style. It also comes with tools for easy assembly.

modern accent chairs anthropologie 2

15. Anthropologie Chunky Petite Accent Chair

Best Modern Rustic Accent Chair

Rustic is far from boring—especially when it's married with modern detailing, like the chunky woven pattern and textured, pom-pom-like back that this one provides. Its foam- and fiber-filled seat ensures comfort, while the dark hardwood frame and legs complete the warm vibe. Choose from two hues: cream or black-and-white.

modern accent chairs allmodern

16. Allmodern Bennett Accent Chair

Best Modern Swivel Accent Chair

With a 360-degree swivel base and dark, wooden accents for a sleek and sophisticated appearance, this barrel chair will be great for those who don't like sitting still for too long. Its got thick, soft padding that will feel. like a dream to to sink into, and you can choose from four neutral hues to best match your home's aesthetic.

modern accent chairs art leon

17. Art Leon Faux Leather Accent Chair

Best Modern Faux Leather Accent Chair

This leather-like accent chair combines classic comfort with a modern look thanks to the sharp angles of its metal base. It's powder-coated for longevity, and has highly dense seat padding that will make this your new favorite seat in the house, regardless of whether you put it in the office, the living room or the bedroom.

modern accent chairs suncoast
Bed Bath & Beyond

18. Safavieh Suncoast Rattan Accent Chair

Best Modern Rattan Accent Chair

These rattan modern accent chairs, which come in a set of two, are perfect for those who prefer rigid, more firm support. They'll also be just the thing for getting an Instagram-worthy boho aesthetic in your front room.

How to Style an Accent Chair

Accent chairs are unique in that they serve as seating and décor. They're also on the larger side, meaning that they have the power to completely change a room. A few tips? Consider the space you're buying it for. Its size can help you determine placement, while its color scheme can help you choose a great accent shade (or a neutral one, if you're not looking to make a statement). Once you've got the one you want, where you want it, you can add your favorite throw blanket or decorative pillow to help zhuzh it up a bit.

How to Clean an Accent Chair

Since accent chairs come in all different types of fabrics, the best way to clean yours will really depend on its specific material. Some, like leather, are spot-clean only, while others, including those made with rattan, may only require a weekly dusting. Keep reading for instructions on how to clean a few of the most popular styles.

  • Leather: Cleaning your leather accent chair may seem intimidating, but it's actually quite simple. The easiest way is to use a mix of one part vinegar and one part water. Gently rub the mixture into the fabric using a microfiber cloth, and voila!

  • Faux Leather: Faux leather is even easier to clean. (Read: no vinegar required). Instead, make a mixture of soap and water (detergent also works), and use a microfiber cloth to lightly scrub.

  • Velvet: To clean your velvet accent chair, you'll need a good vacuum, which can help to eliminate and absorb dirt. If you happen to spill something on the chair, however, you'll want to spot-clean the stain as quickly as possible. Simply blot the area with a cloth or paper towel until the mess is fully absorbed. If the damage is already done, you may use a DIY solution of dish soap and water to get it out. Regular steam cleaning is also a good idea.

  • Upholstery: A vacuum with an upholstery attachment will be your best bet for cleaning upholstered furniture, since it removes dust, hairs and other not-so-nice gunk. The dish soap trick above can help on small stains, but anything larger may need require the help of a professional, as different upholstery requires different cleaning solution.

  • Rattan: Due to its unique construction, rattan chairs can collect dirt rather easily. As such, it's important to dust them regularly (about once per week). New stains should be cleaned ASAP, while stubborn, older stains may be able to be lifted or loosened using a microfiber cloth or toothbrush. Add a small amount of dishwashing detergent, wipe the area down with a wet cloth and let it air-dry.

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