The 6 Best Vacuums for Surviving Spills

Messes happen, especially when you’ve got babies, toddlers or kids roaming the halls (and also riding in your car). What matters most is the tools you’ve got on hand to tackle the cleanup. Luckily, these six vacuums are best in class and can survive all types of spills.

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dyson v11 torque vacuum

1. Best Convertible: Dyson V11 Torque

Favorite Features: As Dyson devotees know, the brand doesn’t mess around when it comes to top-notch tech and ease of use. The latest version of their cordless vac includes an “auto” mode that can sense whether you’re on carpet or hardware floors and adjust the suction accordingly. But it also has a run-time counter for the battery, so you can avoid the surprise of your vacuum running out of juice, mid-clean.

Why Moms Love It: There are a couple of reasons. For one thing, this vacuum pivots from stick to handheld, simply by removing the wand and attaching the cleaner head directly to the base. This comes in handy when you need to switch from vacuuming the playroom to vacuuming car seat crevices. It also has a boost, auto and eco mode, which means you get a surge of support to help with tough-to-handle grime, like stomped on Cheerios or glitter (ugh).

shark navigator professional

2. Best Multitasker: Shark Navigator Lift-away Professional

Favorite Features: This machine is a workhorse—and it comes with a range of attachments so that you can clean nearly every surface in your home. There’s a wide upholstery tool for removing pet hair, a dusting brush and even a teeny head for reaching extra tight crevices. (Like the bars between a crib.) Still, the best feature by far is this vacuum’s ability to really dig deep, no matter the floor type. It even comes with a microfiber pad for a gentler sweep on hardwood floors.

Why Moms Love It: With this vacuum, you can clean up at warp speed. The canister even detaches, so you can address tight corners without having to awkwardly maneuver and lift the entire vacuum. Also included: a HEPA filter to trap 99.9 percent of dust and allergens—a huge win when you’re trying to protect little airways.

bissell featherweight stick vacuum

3. Best On A Budget: Bissell Featherweight Stick Vacuum

Favorite Features: Not only is it affordable but this vacuum makes cleanup a breeze thanks to its powerful suction. There’s also a crevice tool and a floor nozzle, which means you’ve got the basics (and all the floors in your house) covered. But it’s also equipped for surfaces that aren’t even the floor…like the pile of crushed puffs on your countertop.

Why Moms Love It: The price is impossible to beat. But also, it’s feather-light; it clocks in at a little under three pounds! The main problem with kid-related clean-up is that it happens in an instant. This vacuum means it’s not a huge lift—pun intended—to address spills the moment they happen.

dirt devil gator
Dirt Devil

4. Best Handheld: Dirt Devil Gator Handheld Vacuum

Favorite Features: In addition to the fact that the rechargeable lithium battery means you rarely have to worry about running out of power, this cordless handheld vacuum also includes a tools for maneuvering in tight spaces, in addition to tackling stairs and upholstery. There’s also a one-touch button for emptying dirt (the “mouth” opens like a gator, hence the name), which means you never have to touch the grossness you just picked up.

Why Moms Love It: When it comes to portability, this vacuum wins. Tuck it in your closet or pop it in the trunk to have on-hand for your next road trip or family getaway. (Is it just us or do the worst messes always happen while you’re driving?)

miele electro canister vacuum

5. Best For Deep Cleaning: Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum

Favorite Features: You know those crumbs that are lingering deep within the shag rug in your living room (aka the number one spot your toddler loves to snack)? Enter this Miele vacuum, which is has no issue dealing with five different carpet pile heights. You can also depend on its range of attachments (like the soft parquet brush, which is made for hardwood floors) or adjust the suction so that you can really get in there when cleaning things like the A/C unit or the heating vent.

Why Moms Love It: Any vacuum that’s designed to go after crumbs in the rug that we can’t even see gets a gold star in our book. Add to that the fact that this vacuum is all about going after higher-stakes cleanups like the now-dried pieces of Plaster of Paris that got everywhere after an art project. Or the paper towels that got shredded for fun all over the kitchen. Our preschooler is no match.

irobot roomba 7 vacuum

6. Best For Maintenance: Irobot Roomba I7+ Robot Vacuum

Favorite Features: The Roomba robot can be programmed to vacuum any room in your house (whether you’re there or not), so you can put your focus on literally anything else. The sudden throwing of breakfast, for example. Despite its small size, this vacuum is powerful. It works on both carpet and bare floors, but better yet, it empties any debris automatically into a replaceable bag at its base, so it’s always ready for the next run.

Why Moms Love It: Any assistance in the cleaning department is a gift. Like we said before, staying ahead of the mess is always the goal. This vacuum is also “smart,” which means you can use your phone to control it and check the status of which rooms it still has left to clean. Time saved.

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