4 Stroller Cleaning Hacks That Every Parent Should Know

It’s one thing to watch your kid spill on himself. (Nothing a bath, a load of laundry and a wet wipe can’t solve, right?) It’s another thing to see him spill on the stroller, for which you just so happened to shell out hundreds of dollars and is now covered in sunscreen stains and Cheddar Bunny crumbs. Have no fear—here, the best ways to clean even the grossest of stroller messes.

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Mess #1: Sunscreen Stains

What you need: Rubbing alcohol, a toothbrush, a spray bottle, a clean cloth

What you do: Dilute the rubbing alcohol so that it’s a 50/50 mix with water. Then, spritz it on the sunscreen stain and use a toothbrush to gently scrub and lift the stain off. Once it’s gone, you can use the clean cloth to give it one final wipe-down.

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Mess #2: Food Stains

What you need: Dish soap (or another mild washing detergent), a clean cloth

What you do: Put a small amount of the dish soap on the cloth, then gently scrub the stain, rinsing with water when you’re done. (Also, check to see if the stroller fabric is removable and machine-washable—in some cases it is.)

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Mess #3: Crumbs In Crevices

What you need: Ideally, a cordless vacuum with attachments that can angle into awkward nooks and crannies, water and a clean cloth

What you do: Detach the removable seat and adjust it so it lays flat. (This will help you get a prime angle for suctioning up food remnants—like Cheerios—that were left behind.) To remove any residual dust, soak the clean cloth in water and simply wipe down the seat.

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Mess #4: Dirty Wheels

What you need: Wet wipes, all-purpose spray

What you do: In a pinch, you can use a wet wipe to remove dirt—everything from beach sand to dog poo. But remember that most stroller wheels are removable, too, so you can detach them and give them a good spray-down with an all-purpose cleaning spray.

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