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When it comes to gearing up for a newborn, there’s no shortage of stuff that people insist you’re going to need. But to be honest, you could probably do without more than half of those things. (Skip the wipes warmer—trust us on this one.) There is one item, however, that you’re definitely going to want—a stroller. It’s one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make, and with so many options, it’s also one of the most confusing. That’s why we tapped the experts at Buy Buy Baby for their top picks for every need. Here, the six best strollers.

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Babyzen Yoyo Best Lightweight Stroller

The Best Lightweight Stroller: Babyzen's YOYO+ Stroller Frame

Planning on taking a lot of trips with your mini? This travel-friendly umbrella stroller is lightweight (coming in at just 13 pounds), ultra-compact and fits into most airplane overhead compartments. That means you can use it from the moment you step off the plane (no more lugging your own carry-on and a squirming toddler around the airport). Parents also love that it comes with the ability to recline and can hook on to car seat adapters, making it one of the most flexible travel options around. But keep in mind that there's a minimum weight requirement of 16 pounds (which is about how much a six-month-old weighs, on average). 

What parents say: “I purchased this for a solo trip to visit family withmy two-and-a-half-year-old and three-month-old. It was perfect for maneuvering through the airport and I appreciated not having to wait for my stroller once I got off the plane (I was able to carry the stroller onboard and tuck it under my kid's seat). It's super easy to use. Stylish. And offers a smooth ride for my baby. Now my husband keeps it in his truck. The compact size allows him to have a stroller safely tucked behind his seat.”

Buy It ($450)

BOB Rambler Best Jogging Stroller

The Best Jogging Stroller: BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller

Whether you like to do a brisk lap around the park or have a full marathon under your belt, there’s no reason to stop running once you have kids. Just make sure you get a stroller that can absorb all that bouncing on uneven surfaces. This all-terrain option boasts extra large tires to smoothen bumps and an all-wheel suspension for stability (lock the front wheels when running to keep the stroller going straight). It also features an extra-large canopy—great for those summer runs. Works with a BOB infant car seat or other major car seat brands (adapter sold separately) to create a complete travel system. But know that although this stroller is suitable for newborns with the use of an infant car seat adapter (again, sold separately), it's not recommended you use it for running until baby is eight months. Roll on. 

What parents say: “I wanted a high-quality stroller that I could use for everything. This is it. I live in Montana so I wanted a stroller that could get through snow, over bumpy gravel roads, a nice leisurely walk, hiking, shopping, and to all the local events. This stroller is perfect. I have had no problems with it.”

Buy It ($260)

Contours Best Double Stroller

The Best Double Stroller: Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller

Maybe you need a double stroller right away or maybe you’re just thinking long-term. Either way, investing in one that gives you options is never a bad idea. And this one offers up to seven different seating configurations for two children and two infant car seats (each seat can accommodate up to 40 pounds), giving you maximum flexibility depending on what mood your kids are in. And while you’d think that with everything going on up top, it would mean less space down below, parents rave about the large storage basket. Other favorite features include the lightweight aluminium frame and sandal-friendly brake pedals.

What parents say: “The stroller for two is great. First time I used it I got tons of compliments on how sturdy it looked and how spacious the seats and cargo were. I have a one-year-old and one-month-old and the stroller accommodates both great. I purchased the carseat adapter for my infant and the snack and cupholder tray for my toddler and both children were comfortable. My only complaint would be that it doesn't fold up all the way so it's a bit bulky to store and place in the back of my SUV—it takes up a lot of room. However I would recommend it. You can't beat the price.”

Buy It ($400)

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Best Budget Friendly Stroller

The Best Bang for Your Buck Stroller: Chicco Bravo LE Trio Travel System

Buy Buy Baby rates this stroller as a great budget-friendly option since the 3-in-1 travel system comes with the infant car seat included, taking your kid from the hospital to toddlerhood. It also comes with an adjustable canopy, a child tray with two cupholders and a parents’ tray with two cup holders.

What parents say: “I bought this recently for my two-month-old. I went through a few strollers and one 3-in-1 system before and it was not easy to use. This system has been a breeze. I'm not frustrated getting my baby in and out. It breaks down with one simple click. Easy to assemble and very stylish as a bonus!! I love it and would recommend it to all my mom friends.” 

Buy It ($380)

UPPAbaby MINU best compact lightweight Stroller

The Best Stroller for City Living: UPPAbaby Minu

When space is at a premium, you need a stroller that’s compact and can easily be folded and tucked away. Bonus points for one that can be carried up a three-story walk-up. With its one-hand fold (so that you can hold baby in the other arm) and convenient carry handle and shoulder strap, this lightweight stroller clocking in 15 pounds fits the bill. Extra nice feature? It stands when folded so that you can store it wherever you need. (The leather handlebars aren’t bad, either.)

What parents say: “This stroller is perfect for people who live in walk-up buildings like me. I live on the sixth floor, and this makes it convenient to walk up and hold my baby instead of asking for help.”

Buy It ($400)

Best Stroller UPPAbaby Vista

The Best Overall Stroller: UPPAbaby VISTA

It may be one of the pricier options on the list but parents love this luxury stroller and how great it is for a growing family. That’s because the Vista includes a bassinet and toddler seat, and with the extra purchase of a Rumble Seat and PiggyBack board, you can fit up to three kids on this one stroller. Pretty cool, right? And it folds in one step—with or without the seat attached.

What parents say: “This stroller has been a lifesaver! Our baby is about to be one and we have used the stroller along with the Uppababy car seat since the first week. The bassinet was so practical the first few months for taking her on walks almost every day. The best benefit is how easy the car seat fits into the frame. I took her on countless shopping trips and was able to get her into and out of the car without waking her up. The basket at the bottom is huge and awesome. I just take the stroller grocery shopping and use the bottom for all of the groceries. We took the whole stroller overseas with the corresponding Uppababy bag and the bag was damaged by the airline resulting in very minor damage to the handle. Uppababy replaced the entire frame for a new frame within days.”

Buy It ($900)


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