The 10 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers, According to Caffeine Enthusiasts

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The past year has taught us a lot, and one of the minor joys is the realization that we can make a damn good cup of cold brew at home (rather than shelling out $5 or $6 at that fancy café down the block). The key is having the right tools, from beans to brewers, and a lot of patience (the bev takes at least 12 hours to steep). Here, we tapped ten coffee aficionados for their at-home cold brew coffee maker of choice. Sorry, Keurig, but you’ve been replaced.

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1. Cuisinart Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Reviewers agree that this cold brew maker is extremely easy to use, quiet and dependable. Sarah H. loves it for its space-saving design. She says, “I’ve had this cold brewer for a few years, and it’s traveled with me from my tiny apartment to my slightly less tiny townhouse. Just because I have more counter space now, doesn’t mean I want to take it up with giant appliances. This little guy tucks right in the corner and works just as well now as it did when I got it years ago.”

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Bed Bath and Beyond

2. Kitchenaid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

“I've tried a few different at home cold brew contraptions and this is by far the best,” says Heidi Z. “The mesh basket used to hold the beans during brewing is super fine, so it's no biggie if you use pre-ground beans or don't coarsely grind them, as recommended. It's small enough to fit in my tiny NYC-sized fridge, but big enough to hold a week's worth of brew.” We wouldn’t expect anything less from the trusty KitchenAid brand.

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Bed Bath and Beyond

3. Oxo Brew Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker

PureWow’s food editor, Katherine Gillen says, “I have this cutie and I love her so much! It’s a smaller version of the original OXO cold brew coffee maker, so it’s ideal for my tiny apartment.” Gillen notes that her favorite part (aside from the delicious coffee it makes) is that all the pieces come apart, so cleaning is a breeze. Better yet, Gillen says, “the tool itself has measurements on it so you don’t even need to read instructions before whipping up a batch.”

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4. Primula Glass Coffee Maker

If you like to toggle between coffee, tea and fruit-infused water, this brewer was made for you. Paige W. explains, “I love this product's design, because I’m able to switch from cold brew to tea to infusions using the removable mesh insert.” Oh, and don’t worry the lingering coffee flavors ruining your spa water—the entire thing is dishwasher safe, so sanitization is super easy.

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5. Bonjour Monet French Press

Matt Bogart, PureWow’s resident coffee expert, let us in on a secret: “You can make cold brew in your French press. Just let your beans and water steep in the fridge for 15-ish hours and then plunge. Once it’s plunged, put your coffee in another container and voilà, you have cold brew.” Brilliant.

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Chamberlain Coffee x Bodum

6. Chamberlain Coffee X Bodum Cold Brew Press

If you like the idea of using a French press to make cold brew but want something that can make larger batches, you've got to try the Chamberlain Coffee x Bodum collab. "It's sturdier than a French press, so it's less likely to tip over in a crowded fridge, and it makes 12 cups of cold brew—enough to last me at least one afternoon," says PureWow executive editor Candace Davison, who's been known to drink cold brew nonstop, even in the midst of a blizzard. "It's also easy to clean, which is a relief compared to other cold brew makers I've tried. Some have so many hard-to-reach, hand-wash-only parts that I avoid using them."

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Blue Bottle Coffee

7. Blue Bottle Hario Cold Brew Bottle

“I’m not ashamed to admit that pre-quarantine I got a cold brew almost every day from Blue Bottle. Now that I’m left to my own devices, I bought this cold brew bottle from my favorite coffee spot and it works like a charm,” explains Pete B. “Just add ground coffee to the center filter, fill the bottle with water and let it steep in the fridge for at least 12 hours. I make it right after dinner so it’s ready to go first thing in the morning. It’s saved me so much money that I might even continue using it forever.”

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Nordstrom Rack

8. Asobu White Kool Brew Coffee Maker

If you like your cold brew sweet and smooth, this single cup brewer is about to become your new BFF. “I don’t even mind using this cold brew maker every single day, because it’s so sleek and stylish,” says Ali W. “The filter makes enough for one cup, which drips directly into the stainless-steel bottle below. Normally I’d take it on the go, but now I just enjoy it as I stroll from the kitchen to my desk.”

Buy It ($40)

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Thrive Market

9. Coffeesock Diy Coldbrew Coffee Kit

This cold brewer makes a half-gallon, so you’ll hardly ever face a coffee shortage. “I’ve loved the CoffeeSock since I picked it up at a local bakery a couple years ago,” says Steve L. “It’s super simple to use—just set-and-forget overnight. Plus, it gives new life to the older beans in my pantry, as long as I steep them for a little longer than usual!”

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10. Hamilton Beach 3-cup Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If you want to test your cold brewing skills before committing to a pricey machine, try this inexpensive version first. Kelsey L. bought it as an experiment but has been using it for months, because “it consistently produces smooth, strong cold brew,” she says. “I let it steep up to 15 hours for a bigger kick and then add a dash of almond milk and store the rest in the fridge for a second (or third cup) later in the day.”