18 Life-Changing Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

Let’s face it: When you’re juggling work, chores and errands, cooking an elaborate meal isn’t exactly high on the priority list. Luckily, we have a few secret weapons that make cooking way easier and more fun. Here, 18 life-changing kitchen gadgets that every cook needs—all for under $30.

oxo garlic press1

1. Garlic Press

Mincing garlic is not only time-consuming, but it also requires precision knife skills. Skip any potential slip-ups and get yourself a much-needed garlic press. You’ll wonder how your kitchen ever survived without it.

pyrex deep 9x13 glass baking dish

2. 9x13” Rectangular Baking Dish

If there's one baking dish you need, it’s this one: Pyrex Deep rectangular baking dish. The 9-inch by 13-inch size is a match made in heaven for almost any meal ranging from savory roasts to sweet bakes. This one has a 50 percent deeper fit that’s designed to hold more layers, so it’s great for any recipes that need more room. The tempered glass means it’ll heat more evenly and it's resistant to stubborn food stains, odors or flavors. It also comes with a handy lid so you can store leftovers or transport dishes with no mess.

rapid egg cooker1

3. Rapid Egg Cooker

This rapid egg cooker takes out the guesswork (and hassle) and boiling eggs. All you need to do is prick a small hole in the top of each egg, place it in the cooker, pour in a designated amount of water depending on how you prefer your eggs (soft-, medium-, or hard-boiled), set the automatic timer and done! Perfect eggs every time.

vegetti spiralizer1

4. Veggetti

If for some reason you still haven’t tried zoodles, they’re a total game changer. This handheld, veggie spiralizer lets you make them in seconds with hardly any effort.

avocado keeper container1

5. Avocado Saver

Avocados are too precious (and pricey) to waste. Keep your unused avos fresh with an avocado savor. The patented design reduces air exposure, which helps slow down the oxidation process so they don’t turn that dreaded brown color.

grape tomato slicer1

6. Tomato Slicer ($10)

Slicing cherry tomatoes is no easy feat. They have a way of rolling away from the knife almost every time. Use this easy gadget to slice up to five cherry tomatoes in one swift move. Hint: It works for grapes too.

sizzling platter1

7. Sizzler Plate

You might have seen these small, oval aluminum (or cast iron) platters in restaurant kitchens or on your favorite cooking shows, and for good reason: They will completely change the way you cook. Use them to broil, roast individual dinner portions or even serve meals. Fajitas, anyone?

vegetable grill pan1

8. Steel Grill Topper

Don’t lose another mushroom to the fiery pits of your grill. These nonstick grill toppers are the easiest, best way to barbecue vegetables or small foods.

springform pan1

9. Springform Pan

The most useful pan any baker can own, period. Thanks to removable sides, you don’t need to worry about your food getting stuck. Use it for everything from cheesecakes to deep-dish pizza.

watermlon cutter1

10. Watermelon Slicer

Much like pineapple, watermelon is one of those fruits that’s a pain to cut or slice—but not anymore. In one quick step, slice watermelon into equal cubes without any hassle.

pyrex littles glassware set

11. Glass Bakeware Set

This Pyrex Littles 5-piece set is specially designed for countertop ovens, which means they’re the ideal baking dishes for petite treats or meals-for-one. The tempered glass ensures consistent heating for a better (and more delicious) end result. Brownies for one? Yes, please.

box grater1

12. Box Cheese Grater

You’re grating cheese and that precious Parmesan is flying all over the place. No longer, thanks to the attachable container that catches, measures and stores freshly grated foods.

microwavable egg poacher1

13. Microwave Egg Poacher

There’s a trick to poaching eggs…and sometimes (OK, mostly) we just can’t get it right. The solution: Let this tool do the work in the microwave and poach up to four eggs at once.

adjustable measuring cup1

14. Adjustable Measuring Cup

These adjustable measuring cups allow you to push ingredients out. They’re perfect when dealing with sticky things like honey or peanut butter.

egg yolk separator1

15. Egg Yolk Separator

Or perhaps, you don’t prefer a yolk at all. Use this nifty gadget to easily separate the yolk from the whites without balancing it between shells (or your fingers).

corn on the cob scraper1

16. Corn On The Cob Kernel Stripper

If only we had this little guy when we had braces. If you’re like us and prefer to cut your corn off the cob, reach for this stripper to swiftly remove those sweet little kernels.

silicone omlette maker1

17. Microwave Omelet Cooker

Why turn on the stove when you can have a hot breakfast in a few minutes? All you have to do is teat the eggs, add any additional toppings, pour into the cooker and pop it in the microwave. Done and done.

bagel slicer1

18. Bagel Guillotine Slicer

You need that bagel and you need it now. Slice it (evenly!) in one fell swoop—no nicked fingers necessary.


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