Those of you who own one can attest: A Keurig coffee maker can change your mornings forever. But not all coffee pods are created equal. And since there are zillions of options to sip through, we’re here to help you narrow your search. Read on for the 12 best K-Cup coffees to try at home, whether you’re all about dark roasts, flavored java or decaf.

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1. Peet’s Coffee K-Cup Coffee Pods

Best overall

At about 50 cents per pod, this pack of Peet’s Coffee is a solid bargain. But our favorite part about it is that the beans are freshly prepared before being packaged. Seriously: They’re hand-roasted overnight in small batches, then shipped the next day, so you’re guaranteed a next-level cup of joe with every brew. This mixed pack includes four different varieties of pods: the light roast Colombia Luminosa, the medium roast Café Domingo, the dark roast House Blend and the dark roast organic Alma de la Tierra. So, it’s also a great choice for newbie coffee drinkers who want to learn more about their preferences and taste.

$22/40-pack at Amazon

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2. The Original Donut Shop Regular K-Cup Pods

Best medium roast

No office Keurig is complete without a few donut-clad pods by its side. The Original Donut Shop medium roast packs a punch of both robust flavor and caffeine. It boasts just the right amount of bitterness, so it’s perfect for drinking both black or with milk. The grind is specifically designed for Keurig brewers, meaning it’ll extract every drop of flavor every time. And with nearly 100 pods in the box, it’ll last you a loooong while before you need to restock.

$40/96-pack at Amazon

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3. Happy Belly Light Roast Coffee Pods

Best blonde roast

When you’re next-level groggy in the morning, nothing’s going to perk you up like light roast coffee. Because the beans are roasted for less time than medium and dark roast beans, less caffeine gets cooked off. Happy Belly’s blonde offering—which is made from pure Arabica beans—is bright, nutty and fruity, and finishes clean and smooth. Its subtlety and minimal bitterness will wake you up gently without knocking you over with too intense a flavor.

$30/100-pack at Amazon

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4. Starbucks Dark Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

Best dark roast

Sure, you’ve had more cups of Pike Place than you can count. But have you ventured to try Starbucks’s Dark Roast Sumatra? Bold, full-bodied and robust, this exotic pick will wake you up in a jiffy with its earthy aroma and taste of herbs and spices. It’s made with 100 percent Arabica beans (which are mellower and sweeter than harsh, bitter Robusta beans), so you’ll have no problem brewing a consistently silky-smooth cup of joe. Since it has a shorter shelf life than some other pods out there, buy a size that you feel you can reasonably get through within three months.

$21/32-pack at Amazon

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5. McCafé Decaf Premium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

Best decaf

We know, we know. Some of you are shaking your heads asking, what’s the point of decaf coffee again? We like having a tasty decaf blend on hand to serve after dessert or to sip on before bed, just like a warm mug of tea. McCafé’s Decaf Medium Roast, also made from pure Arabica beans, is roasted in a temperature-controlled environment to ensure a consistent, delicious taste. It has shockingly deep flavor without being too overwhelming. (It smells pretty darn delicious to boot.) The coffee’s smooth body and clean finish makes it great for serving to guests after a dinner party.

$31/84-pack at Amazon

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6. Maud’s Flavored Coffee Variety Pack

Best flavored coffee

Brew your way through nine epic flavors that range from bananas foster to vanilla-almond biscotti to raspberry chocolate. Maud’s flavored variety pack stars organic, fair-trade Arabica beans from top-tier growing regions all over the world. The beans are roasted in California at a solar-powered facility. It’s not overly caffeinated (bye-bye, jitters) and has a smooth mouthfeel and flavor, so it’s just the thing for a midday pick-me-up. The pods are also recyclable.

$22/40-pack at Amazon

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7. Crave Coffee

Best recyclable coffee pods

Is it a butter toffee kind of morning? Perhaps Vermont maple or Southern pecan are more your speed. Or maybe blueberry vanilla? Mix up your cup every day with this variety pack from Crave Coffee, a purveyor of strong, 100 percent Arabica flavored java that doesn’t taste overly sweet or artificial. It’s packaged in totally recyclable coffee pods—just peel off the lid, empty the used grounds and recycle the rest. Additional flavors in the pack include classics like hazelnut, French vanilla and caramel.

$33/100-pack at Amazon

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8. InfuSio Premium Roasted Coffee Flavored Variety Pack

Freshest tasting

If you’re someone who only drinks coffee every so often, this massive box of 96 pods and 12 different flavors is just the ticket. InfuSio’s long shelf life ensures that each pod tastes just as fresh as the last, even if they’ve been sitting in your pantry for a while. The coffee is roasted in small batches for maximum flavor, and they don’t taste artificial (even fun flavors like crème brûlée, s’mores and Hawaiian dream cake).

$28/96-pack at Amazon

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9. Keurig Coffee Lovers’ Collection Variety Pack

For the adventurous coffee drinker

They say variety is the spice of life, and this mix of 20 distinct coffees is proof. The Keurig Coffee Lovers’ Collection has favorites from Caribou Coffee, Green Mountain Coffee, Krispy Kreme and beyond—it’s a wonderful way to try coffees you might not typically purchase outright. Not only does the variety pack contain a large mix of brands, but it also has both flavored and unflavored selections, as well as light, medium and dark roasts.

$27/40-pack at Amazon

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10. Solimo Dark Roast Coffee Pods

Best blend

Savor a unique mix of dark roast Arabica coffees from Latin America, Africa and Indonesia. Solimo’s blend offers mildly acidic, robust flavor at first sip, but finishes oh so smooth. Its intense, hearty characteristics won’t cost you either: These pods are a steal at about 30 cents a pop. If you like your coffee strong in flavor, look no further. (And if you want it even bolder, go for Solimo’s French Roast pods instead.)

$30/100-pack at Amazon

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11. illy Arabica Selections Brasile K-Cup Pods

Best single-origin

Coffees labeled “single-origin” are made with beans from one place, as opposed to blends, which combine beans from multiple places. Single-origin beans consequently have a unique flavor that’s specific to the place they’re from. The Brasile number from illy is full-bodied and bursting with notes of caramel. The brand’s coffees are roasted and air-cooled to create a smooth, balanced taste. They’re also made sustainably, as illy caffè was named one of the most ethically sourced coffee producers in the industry by Ethisphere.

$11/10-pack at Amazon

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12. San Francisco Bay Coffee OneCUP Fog Chaser

Most eco-friendly

Sustainable packaging is a huge plus in our book, and San Francisco Bay Coffee does it right. The pods are totally compostable, as they’re made from plant-based material. They’re also created in a way that minimizes their carbon footprint. Gear up for the day with the medium-dark Fog Chaser, a smooth blend made from Central and South American Arabica beans packed with notes of toffee and mandarin orange.

$18/36-pack at Amazon

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