12 Bedroom Organization Ideas to Calm Some of the Chaos In Your Life

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All too often, our bedrooms become the most-neglected space in the house. They’re where we hastily toss clutter before people come over, where our laundry accumulates in piles and where “making an effort” often translates into “at least I made my bed today!” But, as we spend more time at home, now seems as good as ever to finally get that messy bedroom under control—and, dare we say, transform it into a genuinely soothing space where you can go to unwind. Here are 12 bedroom organization ideas that make it oh-so-easy to give your room the refresh it deserves.

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1. optimize Your Closet’s Layout

The clothing you wear daily should already be front and center in your closet. But when it comes to anything that’s out of season, the top shelf of your closet is the ideal storage space, as opposed to the attic or under the bed, where you’re likely to forget about them entirely. Put your out of use clothes in a bin marked “seasonal,” suggests celebrity organizers Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit. Then, when summer 2020 ends, you can swap out the bins of sweaters and socks for bikinis and shorts, rather than juggling a specific container for every quarter of the year. Struggling with an extra-small closet? Get Shearer and Teplin’s tips for that here.

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bedroom organization ideas double hanging racks
The Container Store

2. hang Two Curtain Rods To Double Your Storage Space

The surest way to finally ditch your “chairdrobe,” aka that spot where laundry lingers until it’s time to be worn again? Hang a second clothing rod in your closet. Just make sure to use skinny velvet hangers—which take up less space than plastic ones—so you’ve got room for everything. Even your 12 new pairs of tie-dye sweats.

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bedroom organization ideas closet dresser
Yellow Brick Home/Lowe’s

3. replace Your Dresser To Open Up Your Floor Plan

If you’re constantly turning sideways to squeeze past the dresser, consider eliminating it entirely. The double curtain rod above can help with clothes storage, and so can installing a closet system, like Yellow Brick Home did above. You can customize it to fit your needs, including drawers for stowing loose items. Plus, we like the furniture-grade wood finish on this Allen + Roth set because it feels more polished and pulled together than a ton of plastic bins.

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bedroom organization ideas open shelving
Room for Tuesday/Lowe’s

4. cover Up Open-shelf Clutter

Open shelves are a great way to show off your library of color-coordinated books, your plant babies—hell, even your burgeoning stamp collection—but they can also become overrun by stuff. Even if you’ve cleared out all that doesn’t spark joy, KonMari-style, you may still have an overwhelming amount on display, which is why woven or linen bins can be a lifesaver. A row along one shelf, or a single bin here and there (as Room for Tuesday did in the photo above), can go a long way at keeping visual clutter at bay.

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5. Steal Emily Henderson’s 1-2-3 Shelf-Styling Trick

As tempting as it is to hide everything on your shelves in bins, resist. Designer Emily Henderson is known for her chic bookshelves, and her secret is three-step layering. First, you put up your books. Then, add in art (which is critical, she says, for giving the walls personality), and finally, mix in a few pretty objets—vessels, sculptures and so on—so everything isn’t a rigid, boxy shape.

bedroom organization ideas color coordinate
Josh Hemsley/Unsplash

6. stick To A Coordinated Color Scheme

The other key to keeping those shelves from looking crazy busy? Or, as Henderson puts it, “like a thrift shop?” Stick to a coordinated color scheme. As long as your palette is clear and consistent, everything will seem cohesive.

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7. Brighten Up Your Darkest Corners with Battery-Operated LEDs

Everybody talks about how soothing light, airy spaces are. The fastest, cheapest way to snag that look? By installing a few peel-and-stick, battery-operated LED lights under your open shelves and in your closet. The brighter those spaces are, the more aware you are of what you have, and they’ll have a more professionally designed-and-installed feel…even if they’re far from it.

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bedroom organization ideas mirrors
Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash

8. add Mirrors To Visually “open” Things Up

Mirrors reflect light, so they’re any easy way to achieve that light-and-bright vibe. Just try to place your mirror where it will reflect a window or a blank wall, rather than a clutter bomb. The latter will only stress you out more.

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9. stow Your Shoes In A Storage Bench

If you’re going to put a bench at the end of your bed, it might as well do double-duty as storage—and all the better if it has a shoe organizer inside. After all, isn’t that where you typically sit as you get ready in the morning? Now, your most-worn shoes will be easy to access—without becoming a tripping hazard.

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10. Digitize Your Home Movies and Mementos

What’s that, at the very back of your closet? Oh, a dozen VHS tapes that contain all of the memories of your life pre-Y2K…despite the fact that you gave away your VHS player over a decade ago. Consolidate that space and preserve those memories using a service like Legacybox. The company will take your VHS and beta tapes, film reels (if you’re fancy like that), cassettes and photos, putting them all on thumb drives or DVDs, providing you with digital copies of everything.

bedroom organization ideas diy a desk
Angela Rose Home/Lowe’s

11. go All Diy With Your Desk

You may think you don’t have room for a desk in your bedroom, but you might be surprised. A skinny console table takes up a fraction of a traditional workspace but still gets the job done. You don’t have to be an carpentry pro to take a page from Angela Rose Home and install a piece of plywood in a nook, creating your own built-in. Check out her full tutorial here.

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bedroom organization ideas hang accessories on the wall
Sincerely Media/Unsplash

12. let Your Accessories Double As Wall Art

If you collect hats, don’t hide them! Ditto for fun handbags. Simply space your collection in even rows on an empty wall to create an interesting and functional focal point. Plus, if you use Command Hooks, or hang them from a rod, you can minimize the number of holes in your wall. Low effort, high reward.

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