Whether you’ve lived in your home for 20 years or just moved in, you know that decorating is a never-ending process. (Add a bar cart here, maybe a macramé plant hanger there.)

But tackling a big, blank wall… That’s a doozy, even for the most savvy of Pinterest users.

Here to inspire you to think outside the box are nine unconventional ways to add texture, dimension and style to any room in your house.

Floor To Celing Gallery Wall

Add a Floor-to-Ceiling Gallery Wall

When most of us think of a gallery wall, we think of the space directly above the sofa or the wall adjacent to the staircase. Expand your horizons a bit with a corner gallery that starts at the floor. Anchor the setup with some larger pieces closer to the ground. A series of small photos an inch above the baseboard looks too cluttered.

Lean Photos Against Wall

Lean Your Pictures Against the Wall

Sometimes we get lazy. Here’s your excuse to embrace it. Instead of fussing with a hammer and nails, just lean framed artwork along a shelf or, heck, even on the floor. Your guests will feel as if they’ve stumbled into an artist’s studio.


Consider Complementary Colors

Which comes first: Your wall color or what you hang on the wall? Instead of choosing the paint color first and the artwork second, think about the two as a unit for a cohesive impact. We love the seamless feel of Valspar Reserve’s “Ultra Green” as the backdrop to this abstract blue-and-white canvas. Valspar Reserve HydroChroma Technology also means that the color will stay vibrant, even after long exposure to sunlight.

Wall Decals
Surface View

Try Your Hand at Wallpaper Decals

Wallpaper is cool again, people. But for those not ready to fully commit to glue, there are wall stickers. And they’re absolutely gorgeous--like this huge watercolor magnolia that pairs perfectly with your existing white walls.

Kelly Wearstler Plate Wall
Domaine Home

Think Beyond Framed Photos

At the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica, California, designer Kelly Wearstler created a stunning installation by grouping china plates in various patterns and sizes. Want to attempt this yourself? First consider the size of your wall and utilize plates in a variety of scales. Think platters and dinner plates on a large wall; salad plates and saucers for a petite setting.

Paint Brick White
Brian Patrick Flynn

Paint Bricks White

Anytime you have brick walls that are keeping you from using the color scheme or design you want, paint them white. A word to the wise: Be wary of doing so if you live in an historical building (many people are against this and resale could be tough). But if your brick is just some contractor hogwash, say buh-bye.

Kitchen Lettering

Spell It Out

Vintage letters and numbers are always a great flea-market find that can make a clever update to your kitchen area. You can also make them yourself with this clever DIY.

Peg Board Headboard

Reimagine the Pegboard

Everyone knows this toolshed staple is great for hanging pots and pans, but it can also be transformed into eye-catching wall decor. Simply corral a collection of small objects and arrange to your heart's content.

Ivy Wall

Bring the Outdoors In

We stole this idea from the new book Rooted in Design, a guide to creative indoor planting from the Brooklyn- and Chicago-based garden center Sprout Home. But seriously, how cool is this indoor ivy?