Remember that point in the late '90s when you had enough of those nautical stripes? Well, that's how we now feel about taupe paint. Luckily, wallpaper has made a glorious return--this time with more inspired styles.

/images/articles/Jungle-Spots Wallpaper

Jungle Spots

Don't call 'em a polka. This new dot feels more organic, even a little random.

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/images/articles/Rose Wallpaper

The New Florals

Out: symmetrical granny prints. In: high-impact graphics. (Just be sure to use in small doses.)

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/images/articles/A Single Flower Wall Sticker

A Single Bloom

Or just ball out with one isolated graphic.

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/images/articles/Beverly Hills Palm Frond Wallpaper

Throwback Palm Fronds

The famous Beverly Hills Hotel print lets you dabble in preppy vintage.

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/images/articles/Patina Wallpaper

Faux Patina

If bold patterns aren't your thing, try a slight texture instead.

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/images/articles/Watercolor Mural

A Watercolor Mural

We also adore a jolt of soft color.

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/images/articles/Tie-Dye Wallpaper

Boho Tie-Dye

Shiburi fans: It doesn't have to be limited just to textiles. 

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/images/articles/Damask Wallpaper

A Subtle Damask

And damasks don't have to look like wedding linens from 2002.

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/images/articles/Petal Wallpaper

A Soft Geometric Print

No more chevron, kids. Instead, try a petal formation.

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/images/articles/Toile in the Laundry Room

Toile in Unexpected Places

The English landscapes might be outdated in your living space--but not in your laundry room.

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