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These HexClad Pans Are Saving My Marriage—One Dishwasher Load at a Time

Let me preface this by saying that I love my husband very much. He cooks dinner almost every single night and handles 92 percent of the meal planning for our family—a gift, especially when you’re a busy working mom. But for the 8 percent of the time when I do offer to pitch in and help with food—say, scrambling eggs for my toddler for breakfast—he is quick to scold: “Whoa, whoa, whoa—did you seriously just use a metal spatula on my non-stick pan?”

Enter HexClad, a line of commercial-grade cookware that solves for exactly this problem. No joke, the pans—everything from the eight-inch sauté pan to the 12-inch wok—are actually scratch-resistant and metal-utensil safe. (During a demo in the PureWow office, the HexClad rep actually took an electric hand mixer—like this one here—and put it on high, grinding it into the pan...and not a mark!) Not only that, the pans are dishwasher safe, yet another sticking point in my household. (Let’s just say my husband is very protective of his pans.)

Now, with my own eight-inch pan in hand, let me set the scene.

It was early morning before work and, while my husband showered and got dressed, I decided to utilize my very limited culinary skills to appease my increasingly hangry toddler. I cracked and whisked an egg, covered the bottom of the HexClad pan with melted butter, then—with the heat on low—poured the egg into the pan. 

Then, right as my husband walked into the kitchen, I pulled out a metal fork and started raking it across the bottom in an effort to scramble the egg. (OK, some of it was for effect.)

His reaction was immediate. “Stop! You’re going to ruin it. I've told you a thousand times: Use the silicone spatula!”

Not so fast, I responded, serving the eggs, rinsing the pan and showing him that it was still—as promised—like-new. He gasped as I put it directly in the dishwasher. 

Is this cookware set a marriage saver? In my book, anything that cancels out even the tiniest of squabbles definitely is. Am I recommending these pans to all my friends? Without a doubt.

Buy it ($495)

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