White Wine Slushies Are the New Frosé

PSA: White wine slushies are trending on Pinterest. It’s about time, darn it, because we’re pretty over tossing back goblets of frosé. (Well, not really, but some variety would be nice!) So take a moment and ask yourself: Sauv Blanc or Riesling?

You Need Wine Slushies in Your Life Right Now

peach wine slushies recipe
Just A Taste

Peach Wine Slushies

They’re made with frozen fruit, so you can whip ’em up even in the dead of winter.

pineapple white wine slushie recipe
The Salty Marshmallow

Pineapple White Wine Slushie

Think: boozy Dole Whip.

strawberry peach white wine slushie recipe
The Happy Housie

Strawberry Peach White Wine Slushie

Best news: There’s no sugar added.

tropical wine slushies recipe
Gimme Some Oven

Tropical Wine Slushies

The Caribbean getaway you needed.

watermelon moscato slush recipe
The Kitchen Playground

Watermelon-moscato Slush

Need we say more?

pineapple white wine slushies recipe
Pineapple and Coconut

Pineapple White Wine Slushies

Pinot Grigio has never tasted so good.

raspberry white wine slushie recipe
Plant and Vine

Raspberry White Wine Slushie

Wine snobs are not invited.

fruity white wine slushies recipe
Hello Glow

Fruity White Wine Slushies

Basically as healthy as a smoothie, right?

Get the recipe

watermelon sangria slushie recipe
Cocoa Bean and the Vegetable

Watermelon Sangria Slushie

Vino + dark rum = double trouble.

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white wine banana peach slushy recipe
Caribbean Scent

White Wine Banana Peach Slushy

Guaranteed to cool you off.

Here's How to Make the Greatest Wine Slushie Ever

5 minute mango white wine slushie recipe
Ruchis Kitchen

5-minute Mango White Wine Slushie

How to be the hostess with the mostess.

berry sangria slushie recipe
Boxwood Avenue

Berry Sangria Slushie

The secret ingredient? Sprite. Yep, really.

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summer fruit wine slushies recipe
Eat Well 100

Summer Fruit Wine Slushies

Hot tip: Skewer your straw straight through the garnish.

mixed berry prosecco wine slushies recipe
Yay! For Food

Mixed Berry Prosecco Wine Slushies

Pretty darn classy.

strawberry peach wine slushies recipe
Sugar and soul

Strawberry Peach Wine Slushies

Don’t you just want to dive right in?

cherry vanilla wine slushies recipe
Five Heart Home

Cherry Vanilla Wine Slushies

The cherry on top is magical (it’s chocolate-dipped).

blackberry friesling recipe
Salt and Lavender

Blackberry Friesling

So good, they’re dangerous.

strawberry watermelon wine slushies recipe
Whitney Bond

Strawberry Watermelon Wine Slushies

It’s ready in five minutes flat.

blueberry cream wine slush recipe
Street Smart Kitchen

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