Here’s What to Cook Every Night This Week (March 30 – April 5)

In these trying and uncertain times, we all need to practice self-care on a regular basis. What better way to use your time stuck at home than to make a home-cooked meal? The word of the week is comfort: We’ve got you covered with soups, pasta bakes and much more.

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Shopping List:

2 small onions
1 red onion
14 garlic cloves
4 large leeks
1 medium shallot
1 pound fresh broccoli
1 lemon
34 ounces mushrooms (such as cremini, shiitake and oyster)
1 medium butternut squash
14 ounces broccolini
2½ cups baby spinach
1 jalapeño pepper
1 red bell pepper
One 8-ounce bag frozen chopped spinach
2 bunches fresh basil
1 bunch fresh thyme
1 bunch fresh rosemary
1 bunch chives
1 piece fresh ginger

8 ounces thick-cut bacon
2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken thighs
1 pound ground spicy Italian sausage

1 stick unsalted butter
6 cups whole milk
5 ounces grated Parmesan cheese
5 ounces sharp cheddar cheese
3 ounces low-fat crème fraîche or sour cream
1 cup heavy cream or coconut cream
16 ounces whole-milk ricotta cheese
2 cups shredded Gouda cheese
8 ounces fresh mozzarella cheese

4 cups cubed bread
1¼ cups polenta
1 cup arborio rice
1 cup white rice
16 ounces dried macaroni
One 1-pound box jumbo pasta shells

Canned and Packaged Goods
5 cups vegetable broth
5 cups chicken broth
1¾ ounces slivered almonds
1 jar pearl onions
1 jar cornichons
1 jar capers
Two 28-ounce cans crushed tomatoes (such as San Marzano or Pomi)

Pantry Ingredients: extra-virgin olive oil, kosher salt, cilantro leaves, freshly ground black pepper, smoked paprika, Himalayan pink salt, garam masala, ground cumin, ground turmeric, dried oregano, crushed red-pepper flakes, all-purpose flour, dry white wine, whiskey

Monday: Broccoli Soup With Spinach, Cilantro And Croutons

Let’s start the week right by getting our greens. This classic is gussied up with garlicky, lemony croutons, because who says we can’t be fancy on a Monday?

Tuesday: Polenta With Roasted Mushrooms And Bacon

Polenta doesn’t need to be coddled, so you can make this delicious dish and use your coddling energy on something else: your cat, your S.O., your anxiety…

Wednesday: Butternut Squash Risotto With Crispy Leeks

This dish has everything: the creamy, the savory, the sweet, the crispy and the ability to pair very well with that glass of wine you’ve been nursing since 4:30 p.m. (oh, we know).

Thursday: Greens Mac And Cheese

That WFH life—and everything FH life—may have us leaning toward junk food (and hey, that’s OK!), but what if we said you can have your mac and cheese, and eat your greens too?

Friday: 20-minute Mushroom Stroganoff

TGIF doesn’t have quite the same ring to it without the possibility of going out to blow off some steam. Well, this stroganoff is flambéed with whiskey, so this Friday is about to get lit.

Saturday: Instant Pot Keto Indian Butter Chicken

If you have to socially distance yourself from your favorite local Indian place, don’t worry, you can easily make butter chicken at home in an instant (pot).

Sunday: Spinach And Three-cheese Stuffed Shells

Meet skillet pasta. She has three types of cheese on her at all times and is really into a lazy Sunday. You’ll be fast friends.

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