9 Plant-Based Pizza Recipes That Are Easy to Make at Home

Whether you’re already a seasoned vegan or you just came across the words plant-based diet in your never-ending quest for wellness, two things are universally true: You want to lead a healthy lifestyle…and you want to eat pizza. Luckily, dairy-, egg- and meat-free pizza options are as abundant as they are delicious. Don’t believe us? Here are nine plant-based pizza recipes to inspire your dinner menu. (See ya later, mozz.)

What the Heck Is a Plant-Based Diet (and Should You Try It)?

1. My Favorite Vegan Pizza

Garlic-herb crust, tons of sautéed veggies and a magical vegan Parmesan make this one an obvious choice. (And that vegan Parm? It’s only four ingredients.)

2. Gluten-free Summer Salad Pizza With Socca Chickpea Crust

Socca is like a gluten-free crepe made with chickpea flour. Who would’ve known it makes an excellent pizza crust?

3. Hummus Pizza With Arugula And Wild Mushrooms

Creamy hummus is a satisfying replacement that mimics the texture of melty mozzarella. It’s also packed with protein and tastes delish.

4. Perfect Vegan Margherita Pizza

We almost couldn’t tell that this plant-based pizza wasn’t made in a wood-fired oven at a fancy pizza restaurant, thanks to homemade cashew-based mozzarella and a deliciously chewy crust.

5. Butternut Squash Veggie Pizza

On the other hand, this dish is proof that you can satisfy your craving for a slice even without a vegan cheese substitute. We’re living for those crispy chickpeas.

6. Pineapple Veggie Lover’s Pizza

Paging all Hawaiian pizza fans (we know you’re out there): You won’t even miss the ham with all those veggie toppings.

7. Cauliflower Pizza

Traditional pizza crust is usually plant-based anyway, but you can take your pie one step further with a homemade cauliflower crust if you want. (With your trusty food processor, it’s easy.)

8. Easy Vegan Tortilla Pizzas

Or lean into the convenience that is a whole-grain tortilla. It makes a worthy swap for thin-crust ’za.

9. Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crust

This pie has not one but two forms of cauliflower, in the crust and as a topping. Too much cauli? No such thing.


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