12 Phyllo Dough Recipes That Are Easy and Impressive

Every cook should have a few tricks up their sleeve; phyllo dough is one of our favorites. The paper-thin dough—which is common in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine—bakes up impossibly flaky and adds a fancy feel to everything it touches (even though it’s readily purchased at the grocery store). Here, 12 phyllo dough recipes—from savory to sweet—that are impressive yet totally easy.

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1. Spicy Ricotta-stuffed Phyllo Rolls

We’re starting a petition to get these cheese-stuffed phyllo rolls at every cocktail party from now on. They’re just creamy and spicy enough, and best served with a jalapeño jelly dipping sauce.

2. Falafel Pie With Cucumber-tomato Salad

We didn’t think you could improve on falafel, but here we are. This pie is filling, healthy and surprisingly simple to make.

3. Baklava Pie

While it’s totally delicious, baklava is admittedly tedious to make at home. This version eliminates the layers and bakes up as an equally delicious (and effortless) pie instead.

4. Greek Spinach And Feta Pie (spanakopita)

The traditional cheese and spinach pie, spanakopita, has a lot going for it, including buttery, cheesy goodness and a crisp phyllo crust.

5. Buffalo Chicken Phyllo Rolls

Buffalo chicken is always a good idea, but it’s even better when wrapped in a flaky, portable package.

6. Phyllo Dough Meat And Feta Rolls

These are kind of like a Mediterranean egg roll but filled with meat and cheese. We’ll have three, please.

7. Spinach Feta Quiche With Flaky Phyllo Crust

The hardest part of making a quiche is working with the crust. The solution? Swap it for store-bought phyllo dough.

8. Easy Pistachio Chocolate Baklava

If you do want to tackle this Greek pastry at home, why not start with this approachable version? It has three big layers instead of many thin ones, which saves a ton of time (and tears).

9. 5-ingredient Caprese Phyllo Cups

Tomatoes, mozzarella and basil are a foolproof combination. FYI, you can make your own phyllo cups (fancy!) but you can also find pre-made ones at the grocery store.

10. Samosas

Sure, traditional samosas aren’t usually made with phyllo. But give us a shatteringly crisp crust and we’re not complaining.

11. Phyllo Pizza

This is like thin-crust pizza on steroids. We should also mention, the layers are filled with cheese—swoon.

12. Baked Brie And Prosciutto Rolls

Baked Brie is usually wrapped in our other favorite impressive-yet-easy dough, puff pastry. But the way the crisp phyllo mingles with the gooey cheese is *chef’s kiss.*


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