The Coolest New Foods & Drinks Hitting Stores Right Now (to Pull You Through the Winter Gloom)

So *that’s* what happy tears taste like

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sprinkles, sparkling wine and magic spoon bars, some of the best new foods and drinks of 2024

Ah, winter: The days are short, the air is knuckle-achingly cold—we need something fresh to pull us through. At least that’s the impression you’d get if you wandered your local grocery store, as all kinds of new products are hitting supermarket shelves (not to mention your Instagram feed). What are some of the most interesting finds to have on your radar? So glad you asked. These 17 new foods and drinks will liven up even the gloomiest day. Promise.

How We Chose the Coolest New Foods & Drinks

We reached out to publicists, scoured grocery-hunting blogs and Instagram accounts, taste-tested and took in recommendations from editors to compile the recent releases we’re most excited about—and couldn’t wait to share with you, too.

The Top New Foods & Drinks of 2024 (So Far)

Best Elevated Take on a Classic

1. Burlap & Barrel Spiced Sprinkles

Burlap & Barrel

Sprinkles are a delight on their own, but they don’t really taste like anything other than sugar. Leave it to cookbook author and Food Network star Molly Yeh to reinvent the ice cream topper, partnering with spice company Burlap & Barrel to create muted rainbow hues that taste like the best vanilla you’ve ever tried; the warm-and-cozy jolt of cinnamon, cardamom and ginger; and the sophisticated floral notes of rose petals. After trying them firsthand, we can confirm: It’s the secret ingredient your buttercream’s been missing.

Most Absurd (Yet Delicious) Launch

2. Coca-Cola Happy Tears Zero Sugar


While we at first thought Coca-Cola’s new flavor was inspired by those “tears of my ex” mugs that took Etsy by storm in 2018, we soon learned it was quite the opposite: The brand’s latest creation is inspired by moments of joy so touching you could cry. Sold exclusively on TikTok, it’s quite the marketing play, but the drink itself—a mineral-enhanced Coke Zero, essentially—is crisp and refreshing. The initial launch sold out almost immediately, but fingers crossed the brand plans a second drop.

Best New Box Mix

3. Ghirardelli Brownie Cookie Bar Mix


No matter how many brownie mixes we test, Ghirardelli holds the top spot in our hearts (and stomachs), so we were beyond excited to see the brand has launched brookies. Pro tip: Err on the side of underbaking, as they can dry out quickly, and stick to an 8-inch by 8-inch pan, as anything larger will cause them to spread out, sacrificing the fudginess the brand’s baked goods are known for.

Best Alternative to Trail Mix

4. Wonderful Pistachios Jalapeño Lime

Wonderful Pistachios

Roasted nuts are fine, but sometimes you want something a bit spicier. Look no further than this high-protein snack. The spice of the jalapeño is balanced out by the tangy lime and mild nuttiness of the pistachios, though our fave feature has to be that they’re pre-shelled. Which also makes them dangerously easy to gobble up in one sitting.

School Lunch Sanity-Saver

5. Little Spoon Build-It-Yourself Lunchers

Little Spoon

Deciding what to pack in your kid’s lunch involves a whole new level of parenting math—you need the right mix of nutrients, the packaging must be easy to open and major allergen-free…and it can’t come back to you, untouched, at the end of the day. Little Spoon’s meal kits are designed to check off all the boxes, featuring all non-GMO ingredients and at least 10 grams of protein per serving. You can filter it by your kid’s dietary needs, and the dishes are fun, like pizza-seasoned pretzels or chicken “super” nuggets, which feature kale, cauliflower and chia seeds.

Proof you don’t need to go out to have a great date night: Melting Pot now sells “at home” bundles, where you can choose two fondues, one of three proteins (psst: Go for the Omaha Steaks triple-trimmed tenderloin tips), and receive four caramel apple tartlets, four garlic butter-slathered baguettes and garlic & wine seasoning for $106—comparable to a fancy night out (minus the tip). It takes five to eight days to arrive, so you’ll need some forethought, but the meal itself is beyond easy to prepare.

Best New Sparkling Wine

7. Halter Ranch 2020 Libelle Sparkling Picpoul Blanc

Halter Ranch

Complete the date night in vibe with Halter Ranch’s sparkling white wine. It’s made from 100 percent Picpoul Blanc grapes, a variety that loosely translates to “lip stinger” in French, as its carbonation provides a clean, crisp, tingly finish. (You’ll also get notes of citrus, pineapple and cream.)

Best New Snack Bars

8. Magic Spoon Blueberry Muffin Cereal Treats

Magic Spoon

Take it from our food editor, Taryn Pire, who named this one of the top foods to cross her desk over the past few months: “I'll admit, I was skeptical about these better-for-you cereal treats; I prefer mine teeming with sugar, TYVM. But the blueberry muffin variety made me a believer. It kind of reminds me of those Special K cereal bars from the '90s, only with significantly more protein.”

Best-Tasting New Juice

9. Revl Fruits Tart Cherry Juice

Revl Fruits

Tart cherry juice is having a moment, thanks to the TikTok-viral “Sleepy Girl Mocktail” trend, and while the sleep benefits are mild, the flavor has stuck with us. Especially in this Revl Fruits blend, which adds a splash of coconut water to tame down the tartness (so it’s got a punch but isn’t mouth-puckering).

blue ben and jerry's marshmallow sky ice cream with cookie dough

Cheeriest New Ice Cream Flavor

10. Ben & Jerry’s Marshmallow Sky

Ben & Jerry's

Spirulina extract gives this ice cream its pale blue color, but the flavor is far from anything you’d associate with the color blue. Marshmallow ice cream is studded with classic chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate-chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate bits, as well as swirled with ribbons of marshmallow. All that’s missing is a few graham crackers, and you’ve got the makings of one irresistible frozen s’mores.

Smoothest New Whiskey

11. Fraser and Thompson Whiskey

Fraser and Thompson

Canadian whiskey meets Kentucky Bourbon in this surprising blend from Michael Bublé. While we’ve become wary of celebrity alcohol lines—are you even famous if you don’t have one these days?—this whiskey is legit, with a sweet aroma, a smooth taste, a little smokiness and a nice bite at the end. And at $30 a bottle, it has a reasonable price point.

Best Quick Lunch

12. Feel Good Foods Chicken Chile Burrito

Feel Good Foods

Fast lunches inhaled between meetings are often regrettable: packs of chips, semi-frozen microwave meals, a cardboard-like granola bar. The chicken chile verde burrito is just one of four flavors Feel Good Foods launched, but it quickly became our favorite for its balance of spice and filling chicken, and hearty black and pinto beans.

Best-Tasting Protein Cereal

13. Eat Your Mouth Off

Eat Your Mouth Off

Admittedly, we’ve been burned by zero sugar cereals in the past (that chemical aftertaste!). That’s why we were impressed by Eat Your Mouth Off—the fruity flavor, in particular, will remind you of your favorite childhood cereals, only each serving packs 22 grams of protein. It’s sweetened by stevia, and it’s plant-based.

Best Pick for Parties

14. Avaline The Pink Set


If you’re planning a bridal party and feel overwhelmed by the liquor store’s selection, here’s a one-and-done option. The Pink Set features three bottles of sparkling rosé, three bottles of red and three bottles of rosé—all light and refreshing. Our editors found them to be universal crowd pleasers; none too sweet, none too dry.

Most Over-the-Top Collaboration

15. Mrs. Butterworth's x Dunkin’ Glazed Donut Flavored Pancake Syrup

Mrs. Butterworth's

Hailey Bieber isn’t the only one getting in on the glazed donut trend. Mrs. Butterworth’s just released a Dunkin’-inspired pancake topper, and it adds a subtle vanilla glaze flavor to your short stack, rather than the traditional maple. It’s rolling out to grocery stores everywhere now.

The Little Treat We All Deserve

16. Tony’s Chocolonely Caramel Sea Salt and Cookie Mix

Tony's Chocolonely

"If you thought it was hard to put down a full-size Tony's bar, wait until you try this dangerously poppable snack,” Pire says. “The Caramel Sea Salt and Cookie Mix is just right for folks who love sweet-and-salty treats. The toffee-like center is brown sugar-y and uber-crisp, while the cookie center is buttery and mellow." TBH, we’re just a little bummed she didn’t share it with us…but after hearing her review, we understand why.

Best New Canned Cocktail

17. Horton Coconut Rum Party Pack

Horton Rum

Canned cocktails can be a fizzy letdown, but Horton lives up to its bubbly design. The drinks are well-balanced and sippable without being overly sweet. If you’re looking for an alternate to a piña colada that isn’t as heavy as the original, try the Coconut Rum Mixed with Pineapple Soda variety. It’s a vacation in a can.

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