The Most Popular Recipe in Every State, According to Google

You’re a mac and cheese diehard, but your old college roommate from Maryland is obsessed with crab dip. It turns out, where you live could inform your favorite food, according to our friends at Google Trends. Presenting the most popular recipe in every U.S. state, plus D.C. and Puerto Rico.

The One Dish You Have to Try in Every U.S. State

Alabama: Broccoli Salad

Yes, there’s broccoli, but there’s also bacon and cheddar cheese.

Alaska: Halibut

Bake it with lemon and garlic.

Arizona: Spanish Rice

Psst: It pairs well with spicy food.

Arkansas: Potato Soup

Aka hash brown chowder.

California: Quinoa

Somehow, we aren’t surprised.

Colorado: Spaghetti Squash

We’re impressed.

District Of Columbia: Crab Cake

Pass the tartar sauce.

Georgia: Squash Casserole

Comfort food at its finest.

Hawaii: Shoyu Chicken

This sweet-and-salty boiled preparation is a local specialty.

crepes whipped cream jam
Two Cups Flour

Idaho: Crepes

A delicate matter.

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Illinois: Italian Beef

You can totally make it in your slow cooker.

Indiana: Buckeyes

They’re impossible to resist.

Iowa: Hamburgers

Calling all grill masters.

Kansas: Meatballs

We dig the sticky-sweet sauce.

Kentucky: Vegetable Soup

One thousand times better than what you get in a can.

Louisiana: Gumbo

Cook it low and slow.

Maine: Apple Pie

Now that’s what we’re talking about.

Maryland: Crab Dip

Candidates should be hot and cheesy.

Massachusetts: Haddock

The possibilities are endless.

Michigan: Goulash

Hint: It has nothing to do with rain boots.

Minnesota: Sloppy Joe

Excellent choice.

Mississippi: Taco Soup

The more cheese, the better.

Missouri: Hamburgers

Peanut butter > ketchup. (If you know, you know.)

Montana: Chili

Preferably, like, extra spicy.

Nebraska: Taco Seasoning

Go big red.

Nevada: Chicken Adobo

Coconut milk isn’t mandatory but highly recommended.

New Hampshire: Apple Crisp

Admit it: You just felt a little nostalgic.

New Jersey: Flounder

TBH, we’re surprised.

New Mexico: Pozole

Find hominy in the canned goods aisle of the grocery store.

New York: Chicken Cutlet

Practical, just like you.

North Carolina: Snow Cream

Delightfully niche.

North Dakota: Hamburgers

Pile the toppings high.

Ohio: Sausage Gravy

It’s the taste that counts.

Oklahoma: Hamburger Meat

Onions are a must.

Oregon: Teriyaki Sauce

From scratch? Excellent idea.

Pennsylvania: Asparagus

Farm-fresh, if possible.

Rhode Island: Chicken Parm

We can get behind this.

South Carolina: Chicken Bog

The secret’s out.

South Dakota: Hamburgers

Gotta love a lean bison patty.

Tennessee: Hash Brown Casserole

Now is not the time to mess around.

Texas: Tortilla Soup

BRB, moving to Texas.

Utah: Zucchini Bread

Fresh out of the oven, preferably.

Vermont: Waffles

All that maple syrup isn’t going to eat itself.

salmon cakes dipping sauce
A Saucy Kitchen

Virginia: Salmon Cake

Do as the Virginians do: sprinkle on the Old Bay and lemon juice.

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Washington: Pork Chops

Cue the white tablecloths.

West Virginia: Meatloaf

An oldie but a goodie.

Wisconsin: Meatloaf

Wyoming: Banana Bread

Toppings are a must.

Puerto Rico: Receta De Tembleque

This light-as-air coconut pudding is a must-try.

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