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These Are the 6 Most Annoying Drink Orders, According to Bartenders

You sidle up to the bar and start chatting with the bartender. He seems like a nice guy until you place your order, and suddenly he doesn’t want anything to do with you. What could it have been? We have a guess: Your order.

A recent survey of more than 260 bartenders by revealed the drinks bartenders are most likely to judge you for ordering. 

The worst culprit? Appletinis. Followed by Jäger bombs and frozen cocktails. A bit further down—but still on the annoying side—are Sex on the Beach, Irish Car Bombs and light beers.

Luckily, an informal poll of our friends showed that most adults aren’t ordering the aforementioned drinks with great frequency, especially when there are so many better options. (Gin and tonics, martinis and good old wine come to mind.)

Cheers to staying on the bartender’s good side. But hey, no shame in the Appletini game.

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