Here’s What to Cook Every Night This Week (June 10 - 16)

You say cloudless blue skies and a high of 75 degrees; we say it’s time to bust out the grill. Here, a week’s worth of grilling recipes to put you in a summertime mood (plus a grocery list to get you there).

The 50 Greatest Burger Recipes in the Universe

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Grocery List:

3 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts (or about 7 breasts)
One 3 to 4 pound whole chicken
1 pound mahi-mahi (or other firm white fish)
4 garlic cloves
2 heads red-leaf lettuce
4 cups mixed greens
1 small head red cabbage
5 ounces baby spinach
6 ounces green beans
1 red onion
1 pint cherry tomatoes
1 large (or 2 medium) eggplant
6 lemons
3 limes
6 peaches
1 bunch fresh cilantro
1 bunch fresh oregano
1 bunch fresh dill
1 bunch fresh parsley
1 bunch fresh thyme
1 bunch fresh basil
Dry white wine
2½ cups chicken broth
⅓ cup heavy cream
2 balls fresh mozzarella
½ cup grated Parmesan
6 ounces halloumi
⅓ cup crumbled blue cheese or goat cheese
½ cup pine nuts
1 cup walnuts

Pantry Ingredients:

Extra-virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, Dijon mustard, whole grain mustard, rice vinegar, 2 pounds bucatini (or other long pasta), barley, dried oregano, crushed red-pepper flakes, chili powder, ground cumin, ground paprika, cayenne pepper, dried chicken seasoning, corn tortillas.

Monday: Pasta Florentine With Grilled Chicken

Mondays are tough. Pasta can help, especially when it’s this creamy, smoky version that comes together in under an hour.

grilled mahi mahi fish tacos recipe
What’s Gaby Cooking

Tuesday: Grilled Mahi-mahi Fish Tacos

It’s that day of the week. Shake things up with these summery seafood tacos courtesy of Coterie member Gaby Dalkin. (Avocado tomatillo salsa is optional but encouraged.)

Wednesday: Grilled Lemon-herb Chicken And Avocado Salad

No one said lettuce was the star of the salad show. This recipe is all about the toppings, which include a filling mix of barley, avocado and grilled chicken.

Thursday: Smoky Eggplant Pasta With Pounded Walnut Relish, Mozzarella And Basil

Save that jar of tomato sauce for another day; this out-of-the-ordinary eggplant sauce is just what you need to make it through the workweek.

Friday: Grilled Flank Steak With Lemon-herb Sauce

Nothing says it’s the weekend, baby quite like a steak. Pair it with a simple green salad (and maybe a glass of wine).

Saturday: Grilled Peach And Halloumi Salad With Lemon-pesto Dressing

Ever woken up at the crack of dawn to hit the farmers market? Us either…but fresh peaches and halloumi are a good reason to start.

Sunday: Whole Grilled Chicken With Peaches And Basil Vinaigrette

End the week on a high note with this pièce de (dinner) résistance: a whole grilled chicken. It looks fancy, but removing the backbone in an easy technique called spatchcocking makes it a cinch.


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