15 Keto Vegetable Recipes That Taste Anything but Healthy

Eating meatless on the keto diet can be a major challenge—legumes and grains are out of the question, and let’s face it, fully plant-based meals just aren’t always super satisfying. That’s why we sought out 15 keto vegetable recipes that are low-carb but taste anything but healthy, so you can trick yourself into nutritious eating without any of the monotony.

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1. Keto Instant Pot Greek Cauliflower Rice

Like a Greek salad but heartier, this cauliflower rice packed with veggies is comforting and Mediterranean diet approved.

2. Charred Cauliflower With Crunchy Garlic Chili Oil

Cauliflower can get dull on keto (we know, so much cauli), but charring it and drizzling spicy condiments on top gives it a whole new life.

3. Caprese Salad With Grilled Zucchini

We’ve never said no to a caprese salad, but this rendition with grilled zucchini tastes like sunny days and happy memories.

4. Vegan Keto Coconut Curry

We’re obsessed with this curry that fits into pretty much every diet (keto! vegan! gluten-free!) and is slurp-worthy and delicious.

5. Ketogenic Baked Eggs With Avocado

How pretty are these little zoodle baskets? Gorg. Add sliced avocado and you have a filling meal with crunchiness, creaminess and just the right amount of gooey yolk.

6. Broccoli Rabe And Burrata With Lemon

Something we truly love is cooking restaurant-worthy dishes at home, totally pain-free. This is one of those recipes. Prepare to impress yourself.

7. Cacio E Pepe Brussels Sprouts

There’s no rule that cacio e pepe is strictly for pasta. Cheese and pepper works on everything, especially crispy veggies, like these Brussels sprouts.

8. Tomato Salad With Grilled Halloumi And Herbs

Halloumi is a salty and filling substitute for meat, thanks to its pleasantly chewy texture. It’s kind of like the tofu of cheeses. And it’s always better surrounded by veggies.

9. Charred Broccoli With Sriracha And Almond Butter Sauce

You’ll never think of broccoli as boring again. This recipe plays up the veg’s versatility and crunchiness, and coats it with a creamy, spicy sauce.

10. Kale And Brussels Sprout Caesar Slaw

The blue cheese in this salad just pops, and the entire dish is even better the next day once all the flavors have soaked in.

11. Easy Air-fryer Roast Asparagus

This side is so good, you’ll likely want to eat it for an entrée, and that’s totally OK! Add a fried or poached egg on top for protein.

12. Zucchini Carbonara With Parsnip Pancetta

We’re just going to say it: This recipe is genius. It lightens up a decadent and usually carb-heavy dish but keeps the creaminess and smoky flavors that make carbonara so great in the first place.

13. Easy One-pan Ratatouille

If you can slice veggies, you can make this dish (you can also buy them pre-sliced, it’s fine). The layers cook together for added flavor, and that beautiful presentation is actually as easy as, well, one-pot ratatouille.

14. Creamed Spaghetti Squash With Browned Butter Walnuts

This squash is so epically decadent with its creaminess and sweetness, you’d never even think it’s keto (but it is!).

15. Spicy Pesto And Cheese Stuffed Zucchini Involtini

While involtini doesn’t directly translate from Italian as “scrumptious pocket of cheese,” that interpretation is close enough.