Juneshine’s Hard Kombucha Gives Me Just the Right Amount of Buzz, Minus the Bloat

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As our food editor predicted at the beginning of the year: "Spiked seltzer walked so hard kombucha could run.” And while I still enjoy the occasional White Claw, these days I find myself reaching for a can of hard booch more often because it delivers the same refreshing taste without any of the accompanying bloat.

It appears I’m not the only one. Peruse the aisles of your local Whole Foods and you’ll spot a growing variety of hard kombuchas. My favorite of the bunch is JuneShine—specifically their Iced Tea Lemonade and their JuneShine100 (which is their 100-calorie can).

I admit, what initially led me to pick up JuneShine over the other options was their palette pleasing packaging and summery name. But the reason I decided to actually try the drink is their ingredient label, which was very simple and very clearly listed on the back.

A quick scan of the Iced Tea Lemonade and you’ll see just six ingredients: black tea, lemon, honey, green tea, cane sugar and jun kombucha (which is a type of kombucha that’s fermented using honey instead of cane sugar). You’ll also see that at just over one gram of sugar and under 100 calories per serving, it’s a fairly light way to indulge (especially considering the 6 percent ABV, which is comparable to most beers).

But the best part about it is that it actually tastes good. You get the same "ahhh" sensation that you love about gulping down a sparkling seltzer or an ice-cold beer without so much bloat or fullness. I typically cap off at one can and it’s enough to deliver a mellow buzz that gently tapers off without leaving me feeling heavy or hungover. (And on the rare occasion that I’ve had more than a can in one sitting, I still felt pretty clear headed the next morning.)

JuneShine currently offers five core flavors (including Blood Orange Mint and Acai Berry) and rotating seasonal options (like the Iced Tea Lemonade). You can order online through their site and they’ll ship directly to your home in 43 states, excluding Delaware, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Utah, Maine, Alabama and New Jersey.

Therein lies the only downside to the delectable drink: It can be a bit tricky to get your hands on if you live in one of those seven states. (Psst: In New Jersey, we’ve had good luck finding a variety of flavors at Whole Foods and Wegmans.)

Also of note: JuneShine is committed in their sustainability efforts. The brand works with The National Forest Foundation to plant trees to replace those used to make their six-pack cartons. And their brewery is powered with 100 percent renewable energy through SDG&’s EcoChoice.

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