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The Secret Trick for Reheating Leftovers in the Microwave
Spauln/Getty Images

Why is it that last night’s Michelin-star tagliatelle somehow gets all dry and clumpy after just a minute in the microwave? Sure, you’ll probably polish it off because you’re #hangry, but listen up, because you do have options. 

Here, an easy solution that will make your reheated leftovers taste as good as new.

What to do: Fill a microwavable glass with water a few inches below the rim. Place it in the microwave with your plate of food and heat together. Remove your food and cup (wear a mitt—it gets hot) and voilà: It’ll taste just like it did last night.

Why it works: The glass of water helps absorb excess radiation and it releases steam, which adds moisture to your food and prevents it from drying out.

A little fresh basil or grated Parm and you’re basically a professional chef.

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