How to Fold a Burrito So It Actually Stays Closed

Folding a burrito is *so* easy, you think to yourself…just as the contents of said burrito spill out onto your lap. But it is pretty simple if you can remember this: warm it up, tuck in the short sides first, roll the long side last. Did we lose you? Don’t worry. Here’s how to fold a burrito in four steps so it actually stays closed on its way to your mouth.

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Step 1: Warm And Fill The Tortilla

First things first: Have your filling and tortilla ready. For a burrito, you’ll want to use a flour tortilla (instead of corn) because it’s naturally more pliable and, therefore, easier to fold. It helps even more if you warm the tortilla slightly before starting—warm each side in a dry skillet over medium heat for about 30 seconds, or wrap it in a damp towel and microwave it for 15 to 20 seconds.

Once the tortilla is warm and soft, place it on a flat work surface and top with your fillings. Here’s where you make or break your burrito: If you fill it too much, it won’t stay closed, no matter how nicely you fold it. (On the other hand, no one likes a skimpy burrito.) Arrange the fillings evenly in the center of the tortilla, creating a horizontal line but leaving a couple-inch border on each side.

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Step 2: Fold In The Short Sides

To begin folding, pull the short sides (aka left and right) about 1 to 2 inches inward over the burrito filling. By starting with these sides, you’ll ensure the filling won’t fall out of the bottom end of the burrito as you bite down.

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Step 3: Roll Up The Long Side

Fold the bottom flap of the tortilla up and over the filling so it’s completely covered. Then, keeping the sides tucked, roll the burrito up and away from you, tucking the bottom flap as you go to secure the fillings inside the burrito. (You’re almost there!)

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Step 4: Finish Rolling Until You Reach Seam Side Down

Keep rolling the burrito until the seam is facing down, then transfer the burrito to a plate (still seam side down) to serve it. At this point, you could slice the burrito in half, but you’ll run the risk of damaging the *structural integrity* and essentially ruining all your hard work. A burrito is best enjoyed whole, and it you folded it correctly, it should stay that way. (But, uh, you might want to have a napkin ready just in case.)

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