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The Best Holiday Hosting Tips to Make Your Life Way Easier

The tree trimming. The gift shopping. The house cleaning. Hosting the holidays is no easy task. Here's how to make it all a little bit more manageable—and beautiful.

28 Things You Can Do Now to Get Ready for the Holidays

Merry and bright and oh, who are we kidding? Busy as hell. Here's how to get ahead of the game

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8 Surprising Ways to Not Spend A Million Dollars This Season

Be festive, but don't break the bank

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How to Wrap All Your Presents for Only $25

Or as we like to call it, the lazy girl's guide to getting crafty

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6 Secrets of People Who Get Their Christmas Shopping Done Early

Mark our words: 2016 will be the year we finish our Christmas shopping before December 24.


The Proper Way to Hold a Wine Glass

Whether you’re sipping red or white


A Cheat Sheet for Setting the Table

Which side does the fork go on?

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The Definitive Best Time to Buy a Christmas Tree

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree. 


Introducing the Pineapple Christmas Tree

Our new favorite holiday tradition

Adorable Ornaments Your Kids Can Make Themselves

Keep the kids occupied, while you keep your sanity. 


Simple Christmas Place Card Ideas for Your Holiday Table

We're all about the details. 

Tried & True

DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper Ideas for Kids

Wrap presents and keep the kiddos occupied. Two birds, one sone. 

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Is It OK to Ask People Not to Give Presents?

Totally acceptable or completely rude? 

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10 Trends that Will Be Huge This Christmas

Our new holiday faves. 


50 Fabulous and Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

Simple, easy and oh so chic. Here's our list of 50 fabulous holiday decorating ideas 

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The 30-Second Trick to Cleaning Pine Needles Off Your Floor

They're Christmassy...but they're driving you crazy


17 Christmas Decorating Ideas We Bet You Haven’t Thought Of

It's time to go beyond the mantle 

7 Stove-Top Potpourris to Make Over the Holidays

The scents of the holidays make us happy, and you can bring those same good vibes into your home anytime you want by whipping up an easy stove-top potpourri.


5 Holiday Party Games That Aren’t Charades

Pairs best with wine (a lot of it)

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Super-Smart Ways to Store Christmas Decorations

No more tangles, no more tears


5 Ways to Get Your Family Off Their Phones Over the Holidays

Screen addiction is real, people 

PureWow Presents: How to Hang Christmas Tree Lights from PureWow on Vimeo.

How to String Lights on a Christmas Tree

You lugged home the perfect Christmas tree, and now it's time to decorate.

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This Wrapping Paper Hack Will Save You This Christmas

And it reuses something you'd normally toss in the garbage

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22 Things a Good Hostess Always Has in Her Home

Be ready for whenever guests pop in


How to Skip the Long Lines at the Post Office This Season

And still get all your Christmas gifts out on time