The Best Holiday Hosting Tips to Make Your Life Way Easier

The tree trimming. The gift shopping. The house cleaning. Hosting the holidays is no easy task. Here's how to make it all a little bit more manageable—and beautiful.

28 Things You Can Do Now to Get Ready for the Holidays

Merry and bright and oh, who are we kidding? Busy as hell. Here's how to get ahead of the game

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7 Genius Ways to Save This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for overspending—but there are ways to give to everyone on your list without breaking the bank.

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How to Wrap All Your Presents for Only $25

...Or as we like to call it, the lazy girl's guide to getting crafty.


Thoughtful Hostess Gifts, Whether You’re Coming for Dinner or Staying the Week

Popping by for a drink? Overstaying your welcome? Either way, we've got a gift idea for that.


The Proper Way to Hold a Wine Glass

Whether you’re sipping red or white.


A Cheat Sheet for Setting the Table

Which side does the fork go on?

Adorable Ornaments Your Kids Can Make Themselves

Keep the kids occupied while you keep your sanity. 


Simple Christmas Place Card Ideas for Your Holiday Table

We're all about the details. 

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DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper Ideas for Kids

Wrap presents and keep the kiddos occupied.


This Year’s Holiday Decor Trend Is Totally Unexpected (and Way Fun!)

Here’s how to work it into your own home.

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Is It OK to Ask People Not to Give Presents?

An etiquette expert weighs in.

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The Tree Trimming Party Is This Year’s Holiday Trend. Here’s How to Host One.

Your complete guide to pulling off this festive get-together.


Quiz: What’s Your Christmas Decor Style?

Bells, bows, or mistletoe? 


Target’s Holiday Decorations Are Soooo Good This Year, and Here Are the Best of the Best

If your holiday decor scheme is in need of some sprucing, we suggest booking it to Target.


7 Amazing Gingerbread Houses to Create with Your Kids

Hint: You'll need a milk carton.

7 Stove-Top Potpourris to Make Over the Holidays

The scents of the holidays make us happy, and you can bring those same good vibes into your home anytime you want by whipping up an easy stove-top potpourri.


5 Holiday Party Games That Aren't Charades

Best paired with wine. (A lot of it).

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Super-Smart Ways to Store Christmas Decorations

No more tangles, no more tears.


5 Ways to Get Your Family Off Their Phones Over the Holidays

Screen addiction is real, people.

PureWow Presents: How to Hang Christmas Tree Lights from PureWow on Vimeo.

How to String Lights on a Christmas Tree

You lugged home the perfect tree. Now it's time to decorate.

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Our Latest ‘Craving’? Chrissy Teigen’s Holiday Line for Target, Obviously

The Twitter queen just launched the sweetest holiday capsule collection.

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‘Shiraz on the Shelf’ Is the New Holiday Tradition for When You’re Tired of Staring at a Creepy Elf

The set retails for $30 online—oh, and FYI, it’s BYO Shiraz.

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This Wrapping Paper Hack Will Save You This Christmas

Best news: It reuses something you'd normally toss in the garbage.

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22 Things a Good Hostess Always Has in Her Home

Be ready for whenever guests pop in.


How to Skip the Long Lines at the Post Office This Season

And still get all your Christmas gifts out on time.

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9 Surprising Ways to Reuse Wrapping Paper Tubes

Hint: You'll never have wrinkled pants again.