How to Skip the Long Lines at the Post Office This Holiday Season

You have packages to send and holiday cards to mail, but the thought of braving those epically long pre-Christmas lines at the post office gives you anxiety, to say the least. Here, the best way to avoid the USPS time suck.

What you do: Get a jump start on your shipping needs by setting up an account on the USPS website and requesting a free shipment of Flat-Rate Priority Mail boxes. (You know, the ones that come in small, medium and large.)

OK, they’re here. Now what? After they arrive, stuff your presents into the boxes and then log in to your USPS account to purchase postage and print your shipping labels at home. (Psst…you can also order stamps for those holiday cards at the same time.)

Here’s the best part: When you’re ready to send, simply request a package pickup at your home or office address. Someone from the post office will pick up everything you want to send—with no extra charge for the convenience.

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