10 Cozy Ways to Have a Hygge Christmas

The whole fam under one roof, cookies in the oven, winter roaring outside the front door: It doesn’t really get much cozier than Christmas. have a hygge Christmas. From decor to distractions, here’s how to take a page from the coziness masters in Scandinavia this holiday.

WTF Is 'Hygge' and How DO I Embrace It More?

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1. Pare Down Your Tree

Artificial pine? The most not hygge. Scandi trees have an undeniable Charlie Brown quality about them, as if their owner took a casual walk that morning and chopped one down at random. As for decorating? You needn’t try harder than dainty white fairy lights and a chic smattering of ornaments. Anything gaudier will be too much of a pain to strip when it’s time to burn the little guy for firewood come January.

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2. Bundle Your Furniture

Hygge is all about the indescribable feeling of coziness and comfort—so everything should feel extra soft and fuzzy. Bundle your everyday furniture in layers of warm blankets, fluffy pillows and rustic animal hides to optimize your indoor space for downtime.

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3. Swap Party Clothes For Comfy Clothes

Hooray! It’s your holiday break and you don’t have to go to work. This means you've got the green light to hang out in your thermal underwear, fuzziest sweater, cashmere socks and shearling slippers all damn day. Ditch any stuffy notions of holiday formal wear, and if you must attend a Christmas party, do so in oversize pullover and clogs.

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4. Forage For (and Diy) Your Decor

Peace out, Target. The hygge way is to frolick through the woods collecting natural elements (fallen branches, sprigs of greenery, pinecones) and then use your “treasures” to craft your own rustic (and—whoop!—budget) decor.

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5. Get Merry On Glogg

Eggnog, shmegnogg. It isn’t a hygge Christmas without a piping cup of glogg (pronounced glurgh), Scandinavia’s version of mulled wine. Festive and fragrant, this boozy punch will make your cheeks rosy and spirits bright.

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6. Bake, Bake, Bake

Hygge lives by the motto that holidays are best spent baking (and yes, gorging) with loved ones. This year, swap your sugar cookie snowmen for a day of baking simple Scandinavian favorites like almond cake, gingerbread, cinnamon rolls and oatmeal balls. (Bonus points for forest-foraged garnishing.)

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7. Scale Back On Your Wrapping Paper

There’s no need for this wrapping paper in Scandinavia. When it comes to gift giving, think handmade, natural, neutral and minimalist.

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8. Bring On The Firelight

Hygge 101: For utmost coziness, turn off your overheads and light every candle in sight. At Christmastime, this means lining your mantle and your dining table and relaxing in the soft, warming glow. Fun fact: The Danish word for spoilsport is lyseslukker, which literally means "the one who puts out the candles." (Meaning, you really don’t wanna mess with a Dane and her candlelight.) Oh, and if you're lucky enough to have a fireplace, you better believe you're lighting it. 

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9. Take Long Wintery Walks

Time for some frisk luft (fresh air), for the whole family! In addition to aiding with digestion, Christmas walks help Scandinavians connect with nature during those oh-so short and dark winter days.

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10. Chill Out Already

Ah, yes—the very soul of hygge, and of the holidays. Gather your nearest and dearest to read holiday stories, play board games, make crafts and cuddle up together around the fire. Once you’ve had enough quiet time, make like the Danes and gather around the tree to hold hands, sing and dance. Another thing: Put down your phone—24/7 Instagramming isn’t very hygge, now is it? 

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