Cursing Mommies, This NSFW Wrapping Paper Is Just for You

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The holidays are a time of joy and good cheer, meant to be celebrated with those we love, both far and near and blah, blah, blah. It’s also incredibly stressful and financially disastrous. And yes, people, there is such a thing as too much family time. (No, the second cousin I’ve never met can’t stay at my house for a week with his new girlfriend.) Most of the time, we really just want to say “Screw this” and hunker down on the couch with a bottle glass of wine to watch Love Actually on repeat.

Firebox gets that, which is why the e-retailer is selling “Merry F*cking Christmas” wrapping paper for $12 a roll. The hilarious gift wrap is a cheeky way to let your friends know just how you’re feeling this holiday season without even opening your mouth.

Sure, this isn’t exactly work or child appropriate, but we think any friends or family who love to curse will definitely get a kick out of it. And for $12, it’s far less expensive than that Taj Mahal Lego set your kid is begging for.

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