The Proper Way to Hold a Wine Glass So You Dont Ruin Your Wine

Did you know that you could be ruining the taste of that Cab Sauv in your hand? It’s because you’re overheating it by holding your glass wrong. Here, the proper way to hold your wine.

What you do: Instead of holding your glass at the base of the bowl (aka where the wine sits in your glass), you should actually hold it as close to the bottom of the wine stem as you can using your thumb and forefingers. 

Why this works: It all comes down to body heat. The closer your hand is to the liquid, the more likely you are to warm your wine. By gripping the stem, it’s easier for your red to stay at room temp and your white to stay properly chilled. 

Damn you, balance. That’s why practice—aka drinking tons of wine—is key.

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