7 Green Juice Recipes That Will Keep You Energized All Morning Long

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Occasionally you crave a massive salad with all the tasty, nutritious toppings imaginable. But most days, bedtime rolls around and you realize you didn’t eat a single vegetable. If you’re eager to squeeze more fresh produce into your diet without too much effort, turn to these simple, nutritious green juice recipes. Any combination of leafy greens, herbs and veggies counts, and with the help of fruits and select pantry staples, green juice can be shockingly delicious. To that end, I reached out to Dr. Felicia Stoler, a registered dietitian, to get her advice for making tastier, healthier juices at home.

15 Healthy Juice Recipes, Plus a Nutritionist’s Tips for Making It at Home

4 Tips for Making Healthy Juice at Home

  • Use in-season produce. You can make juice out of just about any fruit or veggie. So, your home juicing menu should lean heavily on what’s at peak deliciousness, what you’re trying to use before it goes bad (looking at you, wilted spinach buried in the crisper drawer) and what you like.
  • Juice the rainbow. Whatever you use, it’s important to include a range of produce whenever possible. “The more colorful the fruits and veggies, the more phytonutrients end up in the juice,” says Stoler.
  • Use the peels and seeds whenever possible. Juice provides vitamins and minerals no matter what, but blitzing the skins and seeds too ensures a fiber boost, meaning the juice will help you feel fuller.
  • Consider eating your produce in addition to drinking it. While there’s nothing wrong with a glass of carbs, it’s better to chew your produce than to drink it to ensure that you’re getting all the fiber it contains. “It takes longer to eat and digest [whole food] than drinking pure liquid that will leave the stomach rapidly and enter the blood stream quicker,” explains Stoler. “Think about a cup of apple juice, which has about 100 calories. One medium apple has almost the same calories, but it takes significantly longer to eat, and you’ll feel fuller after.”

7 Green Juice Recipes to Get You Started

1. Simple Green Juice

  • Time Commitment: 15 minutes
  • Why We Love It: Mediterranean diet-friendly, gluten free, vegan, <10 ingredients, make ahead, beginner-friendly

A crisp, acidic Granny Smith apple curbs the bitterness of fresh greens and herbs like a charm. Add a light drizzle of honey if you need to, and to make it even sweeter, use a less tart type of apple (or better yet, a banana or mango).

2. Cucumber Juice

  • Time Commitment: 5 minutes
  • Why We Love It: <10 ingredients, <30 minutes, no cook

A touch of citrus and a generous dose of fresh herbs bring the simple vegetable to life. It’s incredibly hydrating (seriously, your skin will thank you) and a wonderful way to start your day when the weather is sweltering.

3. Green Apple Veggie Juice

  • Time Commitment: 5 minutes
  • Why We Love It: beginner-friendly, kid-friendly, no cook

Grapes offer sweet-tart splendor to every drop of this virtuous green juice recipe. Celery, spinach and cucumber pack it with nutrients, while the tartness of green apple and lemon soften their bitterness in a flash.

4. Mean Green Juice

  • Time Commitment: 5 minutes
  • Why We Love It: <30 minutes, beginner-friendly, no cook

This gem boasts 10 grams of protein and a whopping 18 grams of fiber per serving. Chalk it up to hearty kale, which is made more palatable by half a lemon and two tart apples.

5. Celery Juice

  • Time Commitment: 15 minutes
  • Why We Love It: vegan, <30 minutes, <10 ingredients, make ahead, beginner-friendly

There are plenty of reasons celery juice is popular, namely that it’s low in sugar, is said to reduce inflammation and is incredibly hydrating. Drink it fresh first thing in the morning and wait 20 minutes before eating breakfast. (However, if you’re taking blood thinners or are on other medications—particularly those related to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or kidney disease, you should consult a doctor before drinking, says Dr. Sonia Singh, MD, MS, internist with Memorial Hermann Medical Group.)

6. Easy Green Juice

  • Time Commitment: 25 minutes
  • Why We Love It: special occasion-worthy, vegan, <30 minutes

Fresh ginger root makes this immune-boosting drink even more enticing, and offers punchy, sharp spice to the produce as well. Add a touch of turmeric or a drizzle of maple syrup to the mix to make it warmer or sweeter.

7. Green Mojito Juice

  • Time Commitment: 10 minutes
  • Why We Love It: <30 minutes, beginner-friendly, <10 ingredients

As refreshing as the cocktail, minus the rum and simple syrup. A fragrant duo of mint and parsley makes the green juice super vegetal without the need for more potent leafy greens, like kale or spinach (although you can add those to the mix, too).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Green Juice Healthy for You?

Yes! Homemade juice is both easy to prepare (with the right equipment) and nutritious. But Stoler reminds us that juice is mostly carbohydrates, plus some amino acids if it contains veggies. And you’ll likely get more fiber if you eat your produce without juicing it. Nevertheless, juice is OK every so often, especially if you have trouble working fresh produce into your daily meals.

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Green Juice?

According to the Mayo Clinic, juicing can potentially reduce your cancer risk, boost your immune system, cleanse your body of toxins and even help you lose weight. Green juice specifically can also function like a prebiotic, says Saber Health, which are fibers that boost the good bacteria in your gut and consequently aid digestion. Healthline reports that green juice can also support brain and heart health.

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