‘Shiraz on the Shelf’ Is the New Holiday Tradition for When You’re Tired of Staring at a Creepy Elf

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The holidays are stressful enough, and then you go and add police surveillance from a weird elf that “watches” your kids’ behavior and hovers over your every parenting move. (Yeah, it saw when you didn’t cut the grape juice with water.)

Enter Shiraz on the Shelf, a raunchy, illustrated holiday poem and an artfully (?) designed wine glass created by Dena Blizzard of the off-Broadway show One Funny Mother. In-laws stressing you out? Christmas tree fall down? Third snow day in a row? This is for for you.

Here’s how you play, according to the One Funny Mother online store: “Place your Shiraz on the Shelf glass out each night so it can be filled with wine by morning, making the holidays bearable.” Easy, right? Even better is the fact that the elves literally don’t care if you screw up—as the promotional video says, “It doesn’t matter if moms are good or bad, Shiraz on the Shelf is always there in the morning.”

The set retails for $30 online—oh, and FYI, it’s BYO Shiraz.


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