10 Simple Christmas Place Card Ideas for Your Holiday Table

While baked Brie and new movies may be what we look forward to the most come holiday season, it’s the details that turn a gathering into a celebration (that and the cocktails, of course). And you don’t need to be a crafts whiz to make beautiful Christmas decorations—all you need is a little inspiration. Here, ten joyous ways to help your guests find their seat. 

50 Fabulous and Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

red christmas baubles used for place cards

Festive Baubles

These guys also make cute favors for guests to bring home.

nutcracker christmas place card idea


Sprinkle some walnuts on the table for good measure.

silver bells christmas place cards

Silver Bells

Ring-a-ling, hear them ring...

golden bells christmas place cards

Gold Bells

Heck, any color bells.

cranberry christmas place card idea

Cranberry Wreath

Well, isn’t that adorable?

pine spruce christmas place card idea

Pine Sprig

Looks amazing, smells even better.

christmas cookie place cards


Edible place cards are the best kind.

christmas stickers place card idea


Crafts not your thing? Holiday stickers to the rescue.

wrapping paper christmas place card idea

Wrapping Paper

Dress up a boring place card with some festive paper and pin onto a wine glass with a holiday-themed clothespin.

colorful pine cones christmas place card idea

Colorful Pinecones

Think beyond green and red, people.

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