2017's Most Mouthwatering Dessert Trends

Bye, Cronuts. Sayonara, matcha-flavored everything. This year, we’re making our bets that these nine dessert trends (as seen—and liked—on Instagram) will hit it big.

7 Food Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2017

Dessert Mash-ups

This could mean anything from a macaron ice-cream sandwich to a cake made out of waffles, but hybrid desserts will be everywhere in the coming months. Then DIY one at home and realize how much the concept has been missing from your life. How did we ever live without you, ice-cream-sandwich cake?

Mini Desserts

In case you hadn’t heard, we love all things mini. Give us tiny versions of literally anything and we’re happy as a clam. So imagine our delight at seeing itty-bitty doughnuts from NYC’s Doughnuttery picking up steam on our social media feeds. And don’t worry if you don’t live in New York—you can totally make these little guys at home.

Over-the-top Waffles

Who says they’re just for breakfast? Not the Instagram accounts we follow, certainly, which have them slathered them in Nutella, ice cream, cookies and any number of other sugary treats. The best part is, unlike some of the more unattainable desserts on this list, these are super easy to make at home.

Bubble Waffle Cones

Sorta like waffles, but way cooler. We’ve been seeing these puffed-up cones (a popular Hong Kong street snack) all over the place, and for good rreason: They’re really pretty and even more delicious than they look. Oh, and they also come in chocolate and matcha flavors, so double win.

Cereal On Everything

Another trend you can try at home is basically adding breakfast cereal to any dessert in the world. It could be the beautiful lavender soft serve above, or just a sprinkling of Lucky Charms on your nightly (whoops) bowl of vanilla.

Loop Churros

We’ve long loved regular churros (fried dough dusted with sugar), but this year loop churros are changing the game. They taste exactly the same as their stick-straight brethren but are often dipped in chocolate and other toppings to take the effect to the next level.

Boba Served Inside Light Bulbs

Ummm, if you can pull this one off at home, we tip our hat to you. Boba isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (sorry, we had to). But when it’s served inside a light bulb, like at NYC’s Spot Dessert Bar, and basically created for maximum Instagram likes, it’s kind of worth ordering it no matter what.

Stuffed Croissants

Remember when you thought croissants were just an indulgent breakfast food? Think again. Filled with creamy custard and dotted with Funfetti-like sprinkles, the French pastry becomes downright dessert-y (and oh so decadent).

Actionable Desserts

Your mom probably told you not to play with your food, but new treats like Catch’s “Hit Me” sundae (available in NYC and LA) make it totally OK to have your cake and hit it with a hammer, too.

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