Dallas's Best Grocery Stores, Ranked

And number one is...

When it’s bad, grocery shopping is just another errand on a long list of to-dos. But when it’s good, buying your food for the week can actually be fun and even relaxing. (Oh, hello there, cookie butter.) Here, the seven best grocery stores in Dallas, ranked.

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7. Royal Blue Grocery

It’s marketed as a modern, urban grocery that has what you want, when you want it. And if what you want is a cup of Stumptown coffee while you shop for expensive flowers, cheese and wine, then this is the right spot.

1 Highland Park Village; 214-526-9516 or

6. Jimmy's Food Store

This East Dallas gem is the go-to place for all things Italian. With everything from Mama’s Meatballs to cappuccino, pies and wines from all 20 regions of Italy, this place is legit. Don’t forget to pick up an Italian Stallion to go. Trust us.

4901 Bryan St.; 214-823-6180 or

5. Eatzi's Market & Bakery

Have 4 million and one things to do today that don’t involve cooking? Eatzi’s grab-and-go gourmet marketplace is the ideal option for just that—grabbing and going on your way. Unfortunately, if you also need toilet paper, you’re out of luck. Just saying.

Locations at

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4. Sprouts Farmers Market

The claim here is healthy living for less. And we gotta admit, they live up to it. From organic produce and meat that’s never been frozen or “beefed up” to fresh herbs and baked goods we feel healthier just walking into this place.

Locations at

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3. Whole Foods Market

As much as we like to venture out and explore other grocery-store options, we keep coming back to America’s original healthy grocery store because it’s the bee’s knees when it comes to quality ingredients.

Locations at

Trader Joe's

2. Trader Joes

This is one of the only places in town where you can purchase multiple bags of groceries for under a hundred bucks. And their TJ creations are pure magic: Think cookie butter, Two Buck Chuck and our secret weapon: prepackaged salads.

Locations at

Central Market

1. Central Market

This Texas-based grocery moonlights as a playground for foodies. Start with produce, migrate to the meats, wander amongst the wines and end your journey in the land of baked goods and cheese. Do not miss the chance to explore all of their Hatch-A-Palooza specials showcasing their roasted Hatch green chiles on full display.

Locations at

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