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Raise your hand if you order takeout a minimum of four days a week. (Guilty.) If you’re growing tired of feeling tired, then wait no more. We’ve rounded up five healthy meals that will get you through the work week and keep you feeling energized and satiated.

thai beef bowls

Monday: Begin with a Fresh Start

You powered through a weekend full of bottomless mimosas and late-night pizza. No worries, though. With a new week comes a blank slate. Start on the right foot with a light yet hearty Thai bowl complete with beef, rice noodles and plenty of greens. The best part: It’s ready in just 30 minutes.

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flank steak tacos

Tuesday: Keep It Classic with Tacos

If every day were Taco Tuesday, you wouldn’t hear us complaining. However, since they tend to leave us in a bit of a food coma, we’re into these healthy (albeit delicious) steak tacos with cucumber salsa. Let us rephrase: Juicy flank steak topped with crunchy cucumbers marinated with garlic, jalapeño, cilantro and more. Opt for flourless tortillas for an extra virtue.

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steak stir fry

Wednesday: Tackle Hump Day with One Pot

Between last-minute errands, going to the gym and catching up on The Handmaid’s Tale, weeknights can be draining. For this reason, stick with an easy one-pot steak and vegetable stir-fry that’s ready for the table in 35 minutes. Dirty pot, party of one.

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steak stuffed peppers

Thursday: Count on the Tried-and-True

There’s nothing worse than thinking it’s Friday only to realize it’s still Thursday. Considering this happens to us more often than not, we like to fall back on a classic dinner we know will be a hit (helps to cure the disappointment). These classic stuffed peppers are an easy way to eat your veggies, and the spicy flavor won’t let you down.

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skillet steak with potatoes

Friday: Create Your Own Restaurant-Worthy Dish

If you and your partner reserve Friday nights for a dinner date, consider rethinking the whole “going out” dance. Instead, try this one-pan skillet steak with asparagus and potatoes (topped with an herb sauce) for the most private “restaurant” experience money doesn’t have to buy.

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