Blake Lively’s Betty Buzz Mixers Will Be Your Fave Dry January Fix

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betty buzz review drinks
  • Value: 17/20
  • Quality: 19/20
  • Aesthetics: 19/20
  • Taste: 18/20
  • Effervescence: 18/20

TOTAL: 91/100

Blake Lively has the Regina George factor, minus the whole mean girl reputation: Incredible hair, razor-sharp wit…and if she wore Army pants and flip flops, we’d wear Army pants and flip flops. (See: Everyone who rocked flare jeans under a skirt in the early aughts.) So, when she launched Betty Buzz, a sparkling soda company, our interest was piqued: Was this a White Claw competitor? A La Croix killer? The ideal upsell to pair with Aviation Gin, the company her husband (some actor guy whose name escapes us) owns? We needed answers, so naturally, we had to sample a four-pack of all five flavors.

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Betty Buzz/Guy Aroch

First, let’s clear up some misconceptions: Betty Buzz doesn’t contain alcohol, but it’s designed to pair well with your spirit of choice (that famous guy’s gin included). Lively herself doesn’t drink booze, so she spent three years crafting mixers that could stand on their own.

Each one’s carbonated, but if you’ve been turned off by aggressively bubbly drinks—the kind that make you spend half the party trying not to awkwardly burp mid-sentence—you’re in luck: The flavors have a tingly effervescence that isn’t overpowering.

betty buzz review blake lively
Betty Buzz/Guy Aroch

They’re Well-balanced

Mixers can often be cloyingly sweet sugar bombs; not so here. Betty Buzz is free of artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners, and you won’t need to Google the ingredients to understand what you’re drinking. (The Meyer Lemon Club Soda, for example, contains carbonated water, Meyer lemon juice concentrate, natural flavors and sea salt.)

Unlike some sparkling sodas, which taste more like carbonation than anything else, the flavors shine through. Overall, they’re all light, crisp and refreshing, albeit a bit bitter. Our taste score is an average of all five varieties, with grapefruit and ginger beer being the surprising breakout hits. Here’s a breakdown of how each one tastes:

  • Meyer Lemon Club Soda — Like bubbly spa water, with just the slightest hint of acidity and bright, lemon flavor on the backend (Taste: 16/20)
  • Sparkling Grapefruit — A liquid roller coaster, starting out sweet and citrusy, ending with a slightly bitter kick (Taste: 20/20)
  • Ginger Beer —All the nasal-clearing zing of kombucha, none of the fermentation (Taste: 19/20)
  • Tonic Water — Crisp and fizzy, with a clean aftertaste that makes it a solid bev on its own (Taste: 18/20)
  • Sparkling Lemon Lime —The scent may inspire you to wash your floors with it (uh, don’t), but the flavor is milder. Less Sprite, more infused-water vibes (Taste: 17/20)

Each 9-ounce bottle varies from 0 to 70 calories apiece (Ginger Beer and Sparkling Grapefruit are on the higher end of that spectrum), so they’re not total gut bombs.

betty buzz review pour
Betty Buzz/Guy Aroch

They're Pricier Than Your Typical Soda

Betty Buzz is sold at select grocery stores, like Hy-Vee, Safeway and Albertsons. (You can find the store nearest you here.) But, the easiest way to order it may be online—especially since the brand offers free shipping.

The one downside? At $30 per 12 pack, that amounts to about $2.50 for each retro-chic bottle. Certainly not as affordable as a $6 box of La Croix, but still cheaper than ordering a sparkling soda at a restaurant. Given the fun packaging and fresh flavors, they’re a great way to make your New Year’s Eve party just a little extra special (or treat yourself as you head into Dry January).

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Note: A previous version of this story stated that Betty Buzz was only available online. It has since been updated to clarify that it's available in select stores nationwide.

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