10 Keto Bars That Are Full of Flavor and Protein (Not Carbs)

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You’ve totally nailed ketogenic breakfasts, lunches and dinners. But when hunger strikes in between meals, what’s someone on the keto diet to do? Sure, you could munch on a piece of cheese or a hardboiled egg, but that gets pretty old, pretty quick. (Also—carrying around a bag of boiled eggs in your purse is a little, erm, smelly.) The solution: A stash of ready-to-eat snacks on hand so that you can stay on track—and satisfied. Here, 10 of the best keto bars to buy that are packed with flavor and protein, not preservatives, artificial sweeteners and processed fats.

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What Are Keto Protein Bars?

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb diet. When your body's carb intake is low enough, you'll enter a state of ketosis, meaning your body will start burning through existing stores of fat for energy. (That's why keto eaters can chow down on cheese, bacon and eggs left and right and still lose weight.) So, keto protein bars are low in carbs and higher in fat, protein and fiber in order to keep you full and in ketosis. Here are a few ingredients that they commonly contain:

  • Almonds, cashews or other nuts
  • Coconut or coconut MCTs
  • Egg whites
  • Beef collagen
  • Whey protein
  • Pea protein
  • Monk fruit, stevia extract or another natural sweetener

Some bars are filling enough to act as meal replacements, while others are better for a post-workout or afternoon snack.

Our Favorite Keto Protein Bars

1. Epic All Natural Chicken Sesame Bbq Meat Bar

Best for chicken lovers

Want a jerky bar that isn’t all beef and bacon? Give this savory chicken option a go. It's packed with protein and low in both sugar and carbs. Sesame gives this Asian-inspired bar its nuttiness, while ginger and red pepper give it a spicy kick.

Rave review: “These are freaking delicious!! I was originally a bit weirded out by the idea of a ‘meat bar’ but was curious enough that when a lightning deal came around, I had to buy a box. And I'm so glad I did, because these bars have a wonderful taste, and the ingredients list is full of REAL food and not big words that you have to Google. The flavor is something similar to the way beef jerky is seasoned, but the texture is a bit softer and more moist.”

Per serving: 120 calories, 6g fat, 13g protein, 3g net carbs, 3g sugar

2. Almond Butter Chip Iqbar Brain Food Bar

Best for vegans

These keto- and Paleo-friendly bars are made with six “brain-boosting ingredients”—Lion's Mane (a type of mushroom), medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), omega-3s, flavonoids, vitamin E and choline. They're also free of sugar alcohols, as they're sweetened with stevia extract. Oh, and they taste like cookie dough. Need we say more?

Rave review: “Do you need a bar that will keep you on your keto diet and be easily portable? These bars don't melt in Texas heat and they satisfy you without having too much protein. I have ordered them twice and they are great for travel and not too sweet.”

Per serving: 150 calories, 12g fat, 12g protein, 3g net carbs, <1g sugar

3. Pegan Thin Protein Bars (variety Box)

Best for dessert lovers

Here’s a meat-free snack that boasts a ton of organic plant protein, as well as only 2 net carbs and just 1 gram of sugar per bar. Flavors include lava chocolate, sweet sunflower, vanilla cinnamon twist, cinnamon raisin roll and ginger snap cookie, all of which are lightly sweetened with monk fruit.

Rave review: “Love the taffy, chewy texture. Takes a bit of work to eat and I like that. Can’t gobble them down! They do tend to taste a lot alike, but the macros are excellent.”

Per serving: 150-190 calories, 6-11g fat, 20g protein, 2g net carbs, 1g sugar

4. Atlas Keto Protein Bar

Best texture

This Atlas protein bar is a fan favorite, thanks to its uniform texture (no grittiness) and not-too-sweet flavor. Not only are they GMO- and soy-free, they're also loaded with gut-healthy probiotics.

Rave review: “These bars are amazing. I was looking for a healthy, filling protein bar and my friend recommended these to me. I am hooked! They're now my go-to pre- or post-workout snack. They are fantastic protein bars with natural ingredients. It's not too sweet, but sweet enough and the texture is really nice, unlike other protein bars I've tried. Would highly recommend!”

Per serving: 220 calories, 11g fat, 15g protein, 3g net carbs, 1g sugar

5. Dnx Grass-fed Beef And Uncured Bacon Jalapeño Bar

Best for meat or jerky lovers

Free of supplements, protein powders and artificial sugars, each one boasts 14 grams of protein and 9 grams of healthy fats with barely any carbs at all. Meaty and just a little bit spicy, these DNX bars are also made with organic Medjool dates, organic liquid coconut aminos and grass-fed beef collagen.

Rave review: “I can't even explain how phenomenal this bacon bar is. I was worried it would be too spicy for me, but the jalapeño was just enough to add a little kick and not make it overly hot. The bacon flavor is prominent and absolutely mouth-watering. And you can detect just a bit of sweetness from the Medjool dates, too. This bar is addictive, and the ingredients are fantastic, too!”

Per serving: 140 calories, 9g fat, 14g protein, 1g net carbs, 1g sugar

6. Keto Bars Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond Bar

Best to have as a snack

Yep, you can still eat chocolate on the keto diet. This dense and chewy pick is loaded with your favorite ingredients, including unsweetened baking chocolate, shredded coconut and creamy almond butter. With a modest amount of protein and 7 grams of fiber, these Keto Bars are great for keeping you full between meals. (Psst…they also come in chocolate peanut butter, chocolate-covered strawberry and mint chocolate.)

Rave review: “These Keto Bars are very tasty. When I got my package in the mail and opened it, the bars were seal wrapped. I thought they’d be hard. Rather they are moist and soft. They have a wonderful taste. I feel like I’m indulging in chocolate.”

Per serving: 230 calories, 20g fat, 6g protein, 3g net carbs, <1g sugar

7. Rxbar Chocolate Sea Salt

Best for keto beginners

You've definitely seen this low-ingredient bar on your Instagram feed or in your friend's lunchbox by now. And it's a crowd favorite for a reason. Every ingredient has a specific purpose (like egg whites for protein and dates for binding), so there's no unnecessary junk or weird add-ins. If you're strictly adhering to keto, the dates' natural sugar and carb content might rule these out for you. But they're a great starter bar if you're just getting your toes wet. They're also Paleo- and Whole30-friendly, as well as gluten-free.

Rave review: "What appeals to me most about these bars is that the ingredients are clear, clean, and straightforward. Ingredients on the back match the ingredients on the front. Regardless of the specific flavor you order, most of them will have a somewhat lightly sweetened, Fig Newton-like taste. I've found the chocolate sea salt flavor to be my favorite, so far."

Per serving: 210 calories, 9g fat, 12g protein, 18g net carbs, 13g sugar

8. Keto Krisp Almond Butter Bar

Best for crunch lovers

If the biggest turnoff about protein bars for you is their mushy, chewy texture, look no further than Keto Krisp. This flavor stars creamy roasted almond butter and real chocolate, both free of gluten, soy, corn and peanuts. They contain coconut MCTs, which can be converted into ketones, and are naturally sweetened with chicory fiber.

Rave review: "I’m a repeat customer and the almond are the best, in my opinion. Great macros for keto and sugar free. These are a daily snack for me, and I’ve given away the competitor snacks I had purchased before these. Great flavor, not too ‘greasy’ like other keto snacks, no nasty aftertaste and just the right amount of crunch. They are very filling and great for in between meals."

Per serving: 220 calories, 18g fat, 10g protein, 8g net carbs, 2g sugar

9. Dang Lemon Matcha Keto Bar

Best for those who don't like chocolate or nuts

There are a ton of keto bar brands out there, but unique flavors are few and far between. That's why we love this citrusy pick from Dang; it's just right for those who are sick of the usual suspects. It's vegan, gluten-free and has no added sugar.

Rave review: "These are so perfect for the Keto diet. I got one of the lemon matcha flavored bars in my keto subscription box and I was a little [wary] of the flavor...until I tried it. WOW. It has a mild lemon flavor but was so tasty. The texture is crumbly, not super chewy like other protein bars. They also have visible bits of sunflower seeds for extra crunch. I eat one a day now and will continue to purchase this brand as my go-to protein bar. So delicious!"

Per serving: 210 calories, 15g fat, 9g protein, 5g net carbs, 3g sugar

10. Perfect Keto Birthday Cake Bar

Best for dessert

This buzzy brand is famous for its keto-friendly bars inspired by sweet treats. Each flavor (salted caramel, pumpkin spice and cinnamon roll, just to name a few) is sweetened with stevia and made with tapioca fiber instead of corn syrup. Whether you're treating yourself post-workout or craving something full of carbs and sugar before bedtime, consider yourself covered.

Rave review: "I've looked into a bunch of different bars to have on hand but just wasn't crazy about the ingredients. I have an autoimmune disease, so I have to be super picky about what I am putting into my body. First of all, MINIMAL ingredients and nothing weird. DAIRY FREE, which is also amazing. I love that collagen protein is being used, because collagen is rich in proline and glycine, which are great for the gut!"

Per serving: 230 calories, 17g fat, 13g protein, 3g net carbs, 1g sugar

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