How to Make Bacon Grease Pancakes

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Homemade pancakes are tricky. When they’re fluffy and light, there’s nothing better for breakfast. But when they’re bland, lumpy and stick to the pan, ew. If your short stack is a little blah, you’ve probably been overlooking a simple ingredient that will take your pancakes from good to incredible.

That secret ingredient is bacon grease.

Here's how to do it:

1. Heat your skillet, but instead of using oil or butter to coat the pan, add a dab of bacon grease.

2. Then cook your pancakes as you normally would, flipping them when the batter begins to bubble.

If you’re cooking bacon first (which we strongly suggest), just remove the bacon from the pan, dispose of any excess grease and keep a dollop in the skillet. Then spoon your pancake batter right on the greased pan.

The result:

Pancakes that are doughy on the inside, crispy around the edges and taste amazing. Pile 'em high, drizzle with maple syrup and enjoy. And while you’re at it, scramble some eggs.

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