What Breakfast Looks Like Around the World

It's not all pancakes and omelets, people

So you’ve probably gathered that we’re kinda nuts about breakfast. But while we love a homemade French toast as much as the next not-actually-French person, we’re always looking to broaden our horizons. Here, what folks from nine different countries eat to start their day.

Con Dos Palillos

Japan: Grilled Fish

On this breakfast table, you’ve got your miso soup, your steamed rice, and your broiled or grilled fish with a pot of hot tea. Sayonara, complex carbohydrates.

Israel: Shakshuka

Eggs baked in tomato sauce with cumin, paprika, cayenne and feta cheese? Yes, please.

Peru: Pork Rinds

In Lima, you might get ceviche for breakfast. Or better yet, a chicharron sandwich: deep-fried pork rinds on crusty French bread.

Spain: Churros

Dessert for breakfast? We’re listening. Many Spaniards start their day with churros--thin, fried dough pastries dipped in champurrado, a rich chocolatey drink similar to hot cocoa.

Guyana: Bake And Saltfish

Throughout Guyana and much of the Caribbean, breakfast consists of dried and salted cod seasoned with tomato and onion and served on a slab of fried dough.

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Nigeria: Akara Cakes

These little fried balls are made of spiced, peeled and blended beans, and are often served with a side of fried plantains or yams as well as a pudding-like porridge made from ground maize.

Brazil: Cupuaçu

This tropical jungle fruit tastes like a mixture of pineapple and chocolate. In other words: heaven.

Thailand: Kai Luak

Scrambled? Nah. Over easy? Pshaw. In Thailand, eggs are served soft-boiled and gulped down in a shot glass. Cheers!

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