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Passion Projects

When you're passionate about what you do, you don't mind getting a little messy along the way. Here are a few of our favorite people who are rolling up their sleeves and living life to the fullest. You might even find a few ways to spark your own creative side.

Polly Blitzer, Beauty Editor

There's a Better Way to Wash Your Face

You don't need 11 different products

A Better Bubble Bath

In honor of National Bubble Bath Day (Jan. 8), we're sharing our top bath-time necessities.

7 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

How to make the most of the products you own

10 Steps to Your Most Heavenly Bath Ever

A guide to achieving bath time nirvana

How to Fix a Broken Makeup Compact

The genius trick that'll save your blush

Could You Live Without Shampoo

It might be time to ditch the suds

Jessica Siskin, Food Artist

Remodel Behavior

The home-renovation splurge-or-scrimp cheat sheet

6 Kitchen Upgrades that Make Grown Chefs Cry

If you're serious about cooking, these upgrades will take meal-making to a haute new level.

Range Rover

Six space-saving kitchen tricks

7 Non-Boring Chicken Recipes

How to turn this basic protein into something delish

How to Plate Pasta Like a Pro

An easy way to impress dinner-party guests

5 Fast Dinner Using Pantry Staples

Make the most of what you have on hand

Keoni Hudoba, NYC's Favorite Fitness Expert

7 Things Every Runner Needs

Perfect for the trails or the track

Shower Secrets

Of Star Athletes

It's time to start using gel moisturizer

Keep your skin hydrated in the heat

The trick to packing gym clothes

Kill two resolutions with one fold

7 of the world's coolest gyms

Making your treadmill look super lame

Give up your gym membership

Try the 7-Minute Workout instead

Naomi Stein, Interior Decorator

10 ways wallpaper became cool again

Just the nudge you need to shake up your place

The trick to hanging a gallery wall

Hint: It's all about the butcher paper

Error of your ways

The eight most common living-room mistakes

Eliza Blank, Expert Gardener

Want to know what it's like to play with dirt for a living? Eliza Blank can attest to that. Watch as she shares how she turned her passion for plants into her profession at The Sill.

How to arrange grocery story flowers

Take those bargain blooms from meh to magical

A beginner's guide to growing herbs in the great indoors.

A beginner's guide to growing herbs in the great indoors.

Sowing machine

Nourishmat makes gardening easy

Stem sell

Give your florals a reboot

The buddy system

Flower Muse delivers the freshest blooms

Home improvement problems, solved

The Fountain app puts home and garden experts at your fingertips

Sophie Gamand, “Wet Dog” Photographer

Think giving Rufus a bath is difficult? Imagine asking him to pose for a photo afterwards. Pet photographer, Sophie Gamand, has learned the trick to making art out of a furry, wet mess.

Throw me a bone

The app that tracks your dog's daily routine

Goodbye, dog smell

Wash Fido right with theses smart doggie bathing tricks

Photo Op

Get all of your digital photos in one place with Bevy

Channel your inner Spielberg with Ultrakam

Channel your inner Spielberg with Ultrakam

Retouched by an angel

Let a professional fix your pictures