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Let’s be honest, that cable-knit sweater is getting old—fast. Instead of resorting to another gray turtleneck,incorporate these six winter fashion staples into your wardrobe rotation so you can quickly spice up any ensemble.

ebay puffer coat Christian Vierig/Getty Images 

Cropped Puffer

Our new favorite outerwear trend is all things Michelin Man. Puffy, quilted and hitting right at the hip, these warm and cushy jackets are gracing winter wardrobes in colorful, saturated hues (read: not black). Since outerwear is basically your entire outfit when the temps drop below 30 degrees, it’s best to keep the rest of your look sleek and streamlined to let the coat really shine. And if you just happen to go monochromatic? Well, you may be mistaken for a street-style cognoscente.

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ebay party pants Christian Vierig/Getty Images 

Party Pants

Instead of dresses (which require tights and battling static cling), try a fabulous pair of pants for all of your social occasions. They can be dressed up or down (leopard-print heels to a party vs. leather loafers at work), so you’ll get plenty of wear out of them. Look for rich materials that make a statement, like velvet or brocade, and let the pants do all the talkin’.

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Hiking Boots

We know, we know, we never thought these would make a comeback, either. But they’re actually totally chic again, especially when you channel popular southwestern vibes by wearing them in a stark white color.

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ebay earrings new Christian Vierig/Getty Images 

Silver Drop Hoops

It’s all about hardware when it comes to jewelry this winter, and silver hoops go with everything from dresses to big, cozy sweaters, so you’ll get a whole lot of mileage out of them. Aside from the style, earrings are the most practical piece of jewelry to wear during the winter months. Think about it: When your entire body is covered from head to toe, earrings are basically the only jewelry anyone will be able to see.

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ebay micro bag Edward Berthelot/Getty Images 

Colorful Micro Bags

Not only are they easy to tote around to all of your holiday parties, but the petite frame is also a great way to force yourself to finally whittle down that overstuffed wallet of yours (New Year’s resolution, anyone?). But the very best part about these bags? They’re 100 percent the most fun. Get your hands on a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids style in a color you wouldn’t normally go for in a larger size. Say, bubblegum pink or a floral pattern. 

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ebay statement sweater Edward Berthelot/Getty Images 

Statement Sweater

Balloon sleeves, exposed shoulders and tie cuffs have found their place among sweaters, too. When it comes to making a statement, forget the embellishments of years past and think structurally. A cable-knit with big ruffled shoulders? We’ll never get bored of that.

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