I Loved This T-Shirt Before I Was Pregnant, and Now I’m Even More Obsessed

Maternity style has come a long, loooong way since the shapeless days of oversize muumuus and baggy overalls. From royal-approved dresses to bump-friendly workout gear, maternity brands are finally starting to understand what moms-to-be actually need (and want). 

Even with all these thoughtful options, swapping out your entire wardrobe for just nine months still requires a fair amount of effort and investment (hand-me-downs will only get you so far). Wouldn’t it be so nice if your pre-pregnancy clothes could do double duty and work with your expanding waistline? Enter the magical top that does exactly that. 

Before I had a baby bump, this T-shirt from Swedish brand Weekday was the relaxed, slouchy basic that I could wear with my favorite skinny jeans, but could also be paired with a pencil skirt or thrown on under a blazer. It was the literal definition of effortless. And it happened to look pretty cool, too.

Now that I’m in my third trimester, it’s also the only non-maternity top in my closet that still fits me. (Unless you count my oversize, hole-laden college sweatshirt...) I credit the extra-long fit, high neck and soft-to-the-touch organic cotton for letting me throw it on without any awkward bulging or stretching. Instead, this T-shirt continues to parade itself as a stylish, well-fitted piece that I’m still able to pair with different bottoms, for a variety of looks.

Extra bonus? Each of these Weekday tees costs only $19, and comes in three different colors. (I have two gray ones and one in white, but I’m definitely considering adding this stripy number to my collection.) And unlike so many other budget-friendly tops, this one can handle multiple spins in the washer and dryer—I’ve had mine for two years and they still look as good as new.

While saving money (and space) on my pregnancy wardrobe is a definite benefit, it feels pretty great to know I can still dress like “the old me” even though my body looks totally different. (Now, if only Weekday would make a nursing-friendly top.) 

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