We know, Virgo: You have much more important things to take care of than adjusting an off-the-shoulder top or twisting a pencil skirt all day. These nine pieces are your tried-and-true wardrobe staples, the things that give you an easy polished vibe, all in the service of your patented perfectionism.

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woman wearing a perfectly tailored blazer
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Perfectly Tailored Blazer

You’re attentive to detail (hospital corners much?), which means you 100 percent know when your jacket sleeve is even a quarter inch too long. A good tailor is your very best friend, customizing your clothing and helping you look impeccable.

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Plaid Pants

Your practical approach to trends is what makes you the perfect sign to own a pair of plaid trousers, smarty-pants Virgo. A little bit classic, a little bit cool, the modern ankle-length hem and straight-leg cut make this LOFT pair stylish yet sensible for every day. (Just how you like it.) We’d tell you to style them with sleek booties for the office or casual slides for the weekend—but we know how much you love being in control. 

woman wearing a long trench coat and floral dress
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Classic Trench

Even better if it has a removable fleece lining so you can rock this timeless outerwear all year long and save space in the coat closet.

jenna lyons wearing head to toe white
Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Anything Ivory

Some call you a “neat freak,” but you prefer the term “Marie Kondo in training.” Either way, you get a surge of energy just looking at a pair of pristine white jeans or a fresh, crisp blazer.

woman wearing classic black ankle boots
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Timeless Black Ankle Boots

You’re one of the zodiac’s foremost power players, which means you like a little height to help you stand above the rest. That said, you’re hardly showy, and you need a shoe that’s also easy to get around in. Streamlined ankle booties will do nicely.

woman wearing a pale pink silk dress
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Silk Dress

Most of us see a pastel rose silk midi and think,“The wrinkles, the stains, the horror!” But you, dear Virgo, simply see a challenge. As the neatest of all the astrological signs, you’ve definitely got this.

woman carrying a beautiful leather tote bag
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Sturdy Leather Tote

Preferably one with a million pockets and a specific place for everything, because just like the Girl Scouts, a Virgo is always prepared. 

woman wearing a yellow jacket and matching dress
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Femme Matching Set

Virgos are suckers for perfectly coordinated pairs, but sweater sets are probably best left in the ’80s. Instead, opt for a matching dress and jacket set to satisfy that country-club vibe you know you gravitate toward. 

woman wearing beautiful danity jewelry
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Dainty Jewelry You Never Have to Take Off

You consider visual clutter and mental clutter to be one and the same, and you like your jewelry small, sophisticated and high quality. (No costume baubles for you!) Invest in long-lasting pieces that you never have to think about…except to remember how lovely they are. 

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