The Best Hairstyle for Your Zodiac Sign

If you’ve ever gotten a haircut that made you say, “this look was made for me,” it very well might have been. No really, your perfect hairstyle could be written in the stars. Find your sign below, and then book an appointment stat.

The 50 Best Haircuts of All Time

kate hudson curtain bangs
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Aquarius (jan 20-feb 18): Curtain Bangs

Your bohemian side is all about free-spirited fun, and your hairstyle should reflect that. Enter: Curtain bangs. They’re super versatile—part them down the center, sweep them to one side or pin them back when you want a change (which you will, because it’s in your nature).

drew barrymore long layers
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Pisces (feb 19-mar 20): Long Layers

This water sign gravitates to flowy, mermaid-esque layers. If you have natural waves, let your hair air-dry. Otherwise wrap sections around a wand in alternating directions for that lived-in, whimsical look. Ariel has nothing on you.

halle berry choppy pixie
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Aries (mar 21-apr 19): Choppy Pixie

You’re confident, energetic and downright fiery. A choppy pixie is all of that. Work in a volumizing mousse for a little extra oomph on top, because you’re fierce like that.

adele lob
Jeff Vespa/Getty Images

Taurus (apr 20-may 20): Lob

When you find something that works, you very rarely stray. Lucky for you, a no-fuss lob will basically never go out of style thanks to its versatility and middle-of-the-road length. No worrying about switching up your look often (or ever again).

rose byrne asymmetrical bob
Desiree Navarro/Getty Images

Gemini (may 21-jun 20): Asymmetrical Bob

A super-short bob on one side and a sleek lob on the other, an asymmetrical cut allows you to really play up your dual nature. Oh, and it works just as well with curly, wavy or straight hair, which is perfect for your ever-changing persona.

priyanka chopra loose curls
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Cancer (jun 21-jul 22): Loose Curls

Hopeless romantics who lean into their feminine side, a Cancer is just inherently drawn to loose cascading curls. And they’re so easy to create. Just curl your hair in the same direction with a large barrel curling iron, brush out and smooth with a serum.

j lo voluminous layers
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Leo (jul 23-aug 22): Voluminous Layers

You were born to command attention. And larger-than-life volume does just that. Cut your hair into weightless layers that air-dry to the perfect height, no matter the actual length, and assume your position in the spotlight.

beyonce a line
James Devaney/Getty Images

Virgo (aug 23-sept 22): A-line

Put-together is your middle name, and so is this polished hairstyle. Cut slightly shorter in the back than in the front, it falls neatly over your shoulders, whether you wear it wavy or stick straight.

kim k sleek and straight
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Libra (sept 23-oct 21): Sleek And Straight

Balance is important to Libras, and there’s nothing more symmetrical than a sleek, straight style. Prep hair with a heat protectant and then glide a flatiron over two-inch sections for the smoothest look.

kerry washington blunt bob
Gonzalo Marroquin/Getty Images

Scorpio (oct 22-nov 21): Blunt Bob

You’re so passionate, you can sometimes border on intense—but that’s far from a bad thing. Own it with a cut that’s short and bold to showcase your powerful yet sultry side.

meg ryan modern shag
Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Sagittarius (nov 22-dec 21): Modern Shag

Three words that describe you: Happy, carefree and playful. A lived-in shag haircut also evokes the same feelings. Plus, its shorter length doesn’t have to be fussed with too much (because you just don’t have time for that).

kate middleton long and bouncy1
Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

Capricorn (dec 22-jan 19): Long And Bouncy

Always put-together and ready for anything, Capricorns gravitate toward the polished and utilitarian. But that doesn’t have to mean devoid of body. A long, bouncy blowout with curled-under ends is timeless and striking.

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