Tracee Ellis Ross Just Repurposed a Fabulous Faux Fur Coat as a Dress and We're Obsessed

She never misses

tracee ellis ross on the red carpet.
Variety/Getty Images

Tracee Ellis Ross has always been the ultimate cool girl.

From her effortless fashion looks to her witty charm, the actress is nothing short of incredible. So it wasn’t surprising in the slightest when she showed up to the Fifteen Percent Pledge Gala, in a faux fur coat as a dress, leaning into the mob wife aesthetic and looking fabulous as always.

On February 3, the Black-ish star stepped out with her brother, Evan Ross, to attend the event, where she was (rightfully) named a trailblazer. If you were wondering, the 15 percent pledge is a call-to-action asking businesses to dedicate 15 percent of their shelf space to Black-owned brands, one of which designed Ross's coat for the evening.

She posted pics of the look on Instagram and wrote, “I reached into my Rich Auntie Bag for @15percentpledge Gala and let me tell you something: wearing this glorious faux fur as a dress while going through 'the change' was a bold choice...”

The faux fur in question was designed by Fear of God, a Black-owned contemporary fashion and streetwear brand started by Jerry Lorenzo. The ensemble also consisted of a large chocolate-colored belt at her center, firmly securing the coat in place giving the illusion of a more structured silhouette. Utterly chic from head to toe.

The 51-year-old star also gave a moving speech at the event. But it wouldn't be Tracee without a bit of comedy. See part of her speech below.

Catch us stalking her Instagram for fashion inspo until further notice.

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