Our Editors Can’t Get Enough of These No-Fuss Overalls

Sometimes you reach for an item of clothing that flatters your body type while generously offering the illusion of longer legs, a more defined waist and/or a perkier butt. The rest of the time you simply want to throw on an outfit that does…none of that. Should you feel the need to dress for coziness over everything else, we have two words for you: sack overalls.

We first spotted the easy one-piece on our SVP of Content, Jillian Quint. Then, Senior Editor Dara Katz strolled into the office wearing an amorphous jumpsuit of her own. Next thing you know, everyone in the office is cursing their non-stretch mom jeans and seeing how quickly they can order a billowing adult onesie on Amazon.

A far cry from their structured denim counterparts, sack overalls are defined by a loose silhouette that’s cool precisely because of its DGAF attitude. Below, seven gloriously shapeless takes on sack style.

The Number One Fashion Trend the Coolest L.A. Girls Are Wearing

amazon overalls

Button Front

This is the $23 getup from Amazon that started it all. (Clogs are optional but highly encouraged.)

Gihuo ($23)

lou and grey overalls


When you like the idea of denim, but would prefer unrestricted movement.

Lou & Grey ($77)

ilana kohn baggy overalls
Need Supply


Looks and feels like butter.

Ilana Kohn ($297)

eileen fisher baggy overalls


Honestly, we would have been concerned if Eileen Fisher weren’t a major supporter of this silhouette.

Eileen Fisher ($248)

free people baggy overalls
Free People


You know, just in case you were looking for even more volume.

Free People ($98)

vitamin a baggy overalls
Bergdorf Goodman


A jumpsuit that lets you dress for the vacation you want.

Vitamin A ($175)

hatch maternity overalls


Turns out pregnant women have known what’s up all along. *Starts trawling maternity sites for outfit inspo*

Hatch ($278)

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