If You Buy One Thing This Summer, Make It This SNDYS Dress from Revolve

Meant to be

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TOTAL: 96/100

If you know me, you know that I’m not an impulse buyer, especially when it comes to items at Revolve. (Too much want, too little money!) So, I surprised myself one mediocre day, scrolling through Instagram, when I stumbled across a Revolve ad for the SNDYS Tahlia Dress ($85) available in three colors: white, blue and a brown I couldn’t pass up.

It’s not that I’m frugal, per se, rather I’m the hesitant type of shopper who adds to cart and idles for hours—days even—before one of three things happen: I purchase the dang goods, I close out the window and see if I’m still thinking about it weeks later (I’m usually not) or I see an item go out of stock and I shed one meager tear and wonder why I didn’t check out sooner.

As my mom always said when I was growing up, “If it’s not ‘Ooh, ahh, gotta have it,’ then it’s not meant to be.” But against my better judgement, I ran as fast as I could to input my information for a dress that was on preorder (it still had months to be released at this point). PREORDER, people! I thought to myself, “Who is she?” But as they say in love, “When you know, you know,” and like magic, I knew we were meant to be.

How Does the Dress Fit?

To say I was nervous about the fit would be a gross understatement. Not only did this gorgeous dress seem too good to be true, but upon browsing the website, I found no evidence of a zipper closure. Yikes. When it arrived, my suspicions were confirmed and there was no hidden zipper anywhere on the dress, but that didn’t stop the chocolatey fabric from slipping over my head with ease. Thanks to the smocked paneling throughout the dress, it has an unbelievable amount of stretch and give—a huge win for when I’m going for that chocolate souffle after pasta. Plus, I found the ruching to be fantastic at disguising any insecurities I may have, like when it’s that time of the month and I’m extra bloated.

Having a smaller chest, cut-out bust cups can be hit or miss, as they tend to swallow me whole until I’m practically swimming in fabric. When it came down to it, I was relieved to discover that the fit was near flawless. It had enough material to cover my boobs without making them disappear, and the material was thick enough to make me forget that I was braless. As for that small cut-out at the center of the chest? Well, that was the spiciest way to tastefully turn up the sex appeal, IMO, and show some cleavage.

Speaking of the girls, the sexy crisscross back tie closure adjusts how the dress and bra cup sits. If the strings are pulled tight, my boobs feel the more secure and lifted, but if left loose, the fit is more relaxed. For that reason, the dress’s support is entirely customizable to your body type—a far cry from the ‘one size fits all’ fiasco of fixed straps.

How’s the Length?

If you’re looking for a midi or maxi length, then you found a winner. With the twill handkerchief hem, the bottom of the dress has a lot of bounce and falls at different parts of my bottom calf. For reference, I’m 5’7” and neither feel the need to pair the dress with heels nor take it in for tailoring.

In true sibling fashion, I found out that my sister bought the same exact dress, which turned into an ‘I bought it first’ competition. Proof of purchase confirmation emails were pulled, I won, inane arguments ensued, but I digress. *Just sister things.* Petite to her core, Samantha stands 5’2” tall and instead of an in-between midi-maxi hybrid, the dress is a proper maxi on her. If you’re hesitant to buy the longer length but adore the look of the dress, it’s also available in a mini version for only $60.

TLDR; You won’t need to see your tailor—tall, short, what have you.

What’s the Material Like?


Made from 100 percent cotton, this dress is the only thing you’ll want to throw on all summer if you run hot and sweaty like me. It’s breathable, breezy and feels like it’s made from high quality fabric. In fact, the dress feels super thick and weighty, and it isn’t see-through on me despite the fact that it’s not lined. Psst…that means you don’t have to reach for your nude undies every time you want to wear your SNDYS dress. Because it’s thicker in nature, it doesn’t fly up at a moment’s notice—something I tested while walking along the western coast of Mexico at sundown. (See video above.)

My only qualm would be that it’s constructed using a lot of material, and although it’s supposedly lightweight in the description, it can feel heavy at times. I noticed that the thin straps started to dig into my shoulders after many (and I mean many) hours of wear. It also took up a large chunk of space in my carry-on, however I’d gladly forgo a sweater or two to make it work. With a dress like this, these are sacrifices that are worth making, people!

Final Thoughts


Simply put, this was the easiest impulse buy of my life. As I previously mentioned, shopping on Revolve can be a struggle, with options galore instigating a headache even before I begin scrolling. But the SNDYS Tahlia Dress swept me off my feet and filled the pitiful gap in my sundress collection.

I mean, $85 at Revolve and this cute? That’s practically unheard of, especially regarding a dress this versatile. From heels to flats, beaches to concrete jungles, date nights to weddings, this dress can do it all. My parting advice: If you purchase one thing this summer, make it this. (You’ll thank me later.)

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Stephanie Meraz is PureWow’s Associate Fashion Commerce Editor. Stephanie is a natural savant in the fashion, beauty, and dating & relationships beats. She has over 22+ years...
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